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Secret Santa
Well, we just did our flat Secret Santa present giving thing. 'twas very cool.... I had drawn Claire's name, and she'd drawn mine, so we exchanged gifts - I got the coolest pair of joke socks in the world, plus a nun which walks around spitting fire (tres cool) from her, and she got the Green Day album from me. Other gifts included handcuffs, magic eightballs, books and chocolates. All good fun...

Anyhow, so, my sleep pattern is messed, and I missed Harriet's concert. Oh well, apparently Alex came and woke me and I told her that I wasn't going to get up. Figures, although I don't actually remember that happening. Here's how it goes:
Weds 8am - Weds 3pm: Awake
Weds 3pm - Weds 5pm: Resting (not asleep, sadly)
Weds 5pm - Thurs 6pm: Awake
Thurs 6pm - Friday 2am: Asleep
Friday 2am - Now: Awake

It's now 4am on Friday, and I should really go to bed. I think I will, after the next Planetarion tick... *sigh*

By the way, the post below isn't what I actually submitted. I wrote that first, and then deleted the sarcasm bits. I was in a bit of an odd mood (as I get in when I don't sleep)... Anyhow, talk to you all later kids :o)


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