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Well, a day of work done. For the most part, all I was doing today was adding hyperlinks to a load of Word documents, which is what I'll be doing for the next few days... Traceability of processes and procedures, that's what they want - every time a method requires filling out a certain type of form, I have to add a hyperlink to that form, in order that you can just call it up straight away, rather than going out and finding it.

Nobody judge me too harshly, but I'm listening to ABBA. Sometimes, you just have to let out these urges, and just let them take you to dark places of your soul that you like to pretend don't exist. Still, I tend to be unable to help myself - it's probably a character flaw. My current playlist has a few Abba songs, a couple of Chris DeBurgh songs, a bit of Erasure, Roxette, not to mention the theme from Dawson's Creek. Sometimes I just can't be trusted with my own music taste....

Anyhow, not done much since I got home - I was asleep from about seven until nine, on account of how I'm so sleepy. Only getting two hours of sleep last night wasn't my brightest ever idea, come to think of it.... Still, that nap has helped. Tonight is TV night (again) - Six Feet Under is on at eleven, which is great, although I think I'll be practically dead by the end of it. Then it's a good night's sleep, and then another day of work. It's a hard old life, really... Still, text messages and LJ comments from certain people brightened up my day a lot - I spent half my day grinning :o)

Anyhow, Big Brother is on - I think I'll go watch that a bit.....

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I just wnated to let you know... heh

that you are freaking hot.. just to let you know and all ;-)


two words..... air supply

Oh come now, some Chris DeBurgh songs are good... just not... our generation's music....

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