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The air conditioning in my office makes it so cold... But I turned it off for a while, so it'll be okay now - no more shivering for me :o)

Anyway, I've spent most of the morning doing fairly "trained monkey" style tasks - inserting bookmarks and hyperlinks into Word documents so that it's easier to get from one to another, and to jump to specific sections. All in aid of some sort of Quality type thing in a couple of weeks (ISO 9000 or something, I dunno). Anyway, that was tedious (as per), but not so bad really... Then when I got bored of that, I designed how I'd put my Serial Number database into Third Normal Form. Frankly, right now, 3NF looks really bad as a design just because it makes a couple of tables look out of place, but I'm sure I'll be able to sort that... On the up-side, it combines two distinct databases I constructed last time I was here, and gives them better interoperability.

Thanks for the text messages, keep them coming - they're at least giving me something to do, for a couple of minutes in every hour. Although I have to say, it's always disappointing to get them too - I feel my phone vibrate, I look at the message, and it's from somebody like Drik, or Chris... Never from quite the people I want it to be from.... Still, these things happen. No offence ;o)

I'd go out and get lunch, but I've just started being warm again, and if I go outside, it'll be cold. You see my dilemma?

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ye know.... you were in my dream last night. it was weird. msg me if ya wanna know about it lol

can you do me a favor

iv'e been wanting a livejournal cause im at opendiary and it sux, and none of my friends have livejournal so i was wondering if you could give me the little code thing you need to sign up, if you want to you can e-mail it to me or give it to me through msn at, or IM it to me through aim at Spaztaztic5000 or HellsAngel7589, if you dont want to completly ignore this note thing and move on with your life

Oh right! So if I now send a text (after having read this post) I may appear to be (quite probably incorrectly) assuming that I am indeed someone you would want it to be from! As such I shall refrain from texting just in case to save myself an public embarassment!

Oh - and thanks for the excuse! ;0)


i loev yuo woz!

Lol - well in that case perhaps I am someone you are waiting for a text from! Better not risk it anyway!


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