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I'm bored already, and nobody is sending me messages. Well, I tell a lie - I'm not bored per se, but waiting for software to install is so tedious, and I'm about to start some further tedious work. So (yet again) I urge you to entertain me :o)

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I might send you one when I get to work.. if you're lucky ;-)

I didn't answer your text because you're boring.
And I had/have a bangin hangover.
And I have no credit.

And I had/have a bangin hangover.

Does that have a side order of a bangin' choon?

bangin choonz and killer synth beatz, yah.

Me an me 12yr old possie'll pop y'all. We got blades, shootas. Fuckin ay.

Dat'z sum crazy shit, dude. Me an me possie from da sk8park down the road'll teech u a lesson in PANE!

We got beatz supplied by mah main man Deeko (Derek to his mum), and MC Mikey (John to his mum) layin down sum wikkidz0r lyrical skillz, and implantin da mainframe bitchwax dot com.

i have no credit, sadly. well, mum gave me £5 to buy credit, but that would involve (a) the rain stopping for more than 15 minutes and (b) me actually wanting to go outside :P

hey jamie,

i'm nic. i was going through my journal and i took that "what is your mental age" test and your name was on the link.

sounds like you're really bored at work. geez. i thought my job was bad. i haven't really read that many of your entries yet... what do you do?

btw: abba and erasure rock.

Hmm, you must've taken the test a while ago, because I killed it to stop the teeny-boppers from finding me :o)

As for what I do at work - post on LJ, mostly. Oh, and some typing, database design, webdesign, etc...

And Erasure and Abba certainly do rock, but don't let anybody else hear me say that ;o)

yeah, it was forever ago.

same here. i'm supposed to do secretarial stuff, but that turns into being someone's go-for person and i don't like that so i play online and lj all the time.

when i get some more time, i'll have to read through the rest of your stuff. you seem like a really cool guy. :0)

I dunno - it's not that great ;o)

maybe so, but i'll just have to find that out for myself ;0)

its neat to try to figure out what you're saying sometimes b/c i'm not used to alot of the uk slang. keeps me entertained. :0)

I use slang? Uh oh..... I don't mean to :o)

hahahah. it's okay. i won't crucify you for it this time. ;0)

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