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Source Code
Now you too can enjoy my adventure game. Or something. If you find any horrible bugs, just don't tell me - I don't want to know...

Main Game Class
Room Object
Player Object
Item Class

If you download them all (you may need to right click the link and select SAVE AS), compile them (you'll need the corejava.* class, I'm afraid), and run them, you can play the game. This was the version I had just before I changed a couple of things and submitted it - it's still kinda in dev mode. To get it out of dev mode, edit the's constructor method and change what he's holding to null, rather than an arrow and a longbow. The command "help" tells you what to do. And it's all very case sensitive, so watch out :o)

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(Deleted comment)
I recommend Sun's JDK - you can get it from I think (or will have a link). But you also need to get hold of the corejava class, unfortunately...

Okay, I can't get this to compile. I can't even find a compiler. I can't find this corejava.class thing either.

What do I do?!

Wait ... I'm getting the JDK now ( I'll see if I can do anything now.

Well, if you put all my .java files in the bin directory of the jdk, and run "javac" (note case sensitivity), then you'll have a set of .class files. Then run "java Game", and you can play. But, unfortunately, only if you somehow obtain and install the corejava.* library, and I don't know where to get it. I had to do it all without an interface, and put that on as an afterthought... Package corejava not found in import.
import corejava.*;
1 error

Bah. I can't find this corejava thing anywhere. Thanks for the info though.

Cant u post a lay mans version of your game, as i am sure hundreds of people would then be able to enjoy playing it. Compilers are too much hassel and way to complicated.

If you'd gone to Uni, you might know how to compile a .java file, and learn that it's really rather simple

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