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My Favourite Chords
Mmm, just eaten a lot of food. My goal is to go back to Uni in as good a shape as I can manage. Which means exercise (ugh), eating lots (ugh), and trying to pay attention to all those little things about myself which just irritate me. Over the summer, I'm really going to try to improve myself, if I can, just so that I can have my last year at uni on my terms, exactly how I want it to be. I've got one year left before I join the big wide world (unless I have to repeat, but let's not think about that), and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend it the same way I spent the first two. I'm going to have fun, and that's that.

I've been playing more guitar - to be honest, my guitar is my favourite one in the house - my dad's is way out of tune and I can't be bothered with tuning it, Ed's just feels awkward, and Anna's is a bass, which you know, is all good and everything, but I'm a guitarist, not a bassist. Well, I'm barely even a guitarist, but if I had to pick one that I can actually do, then that'd be it. Speaking of which, new hosting, new website, so I've put all my MP3s up. Obviously it's a temporary page, the point of it was really just to test whether the database works (the whole site is now database driven). For anybody interested, the page is here, although there's nowt new on it or anything. However, it's set up so it'll be easy to add new things, yay :o)

I notice more than I ought to. It only ends up making me dwell on things I should just ignore. I'll add "stop noticing things" to my list of projects over the summer. "Become apathetic", and "cease caring" will also be added to the list at this rate, but I'll do my best to avoid accomplishing those two. Oh, and randomly, I've just read back through David's journal for the last month - don't ask why, it's silly ;o)

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oh god, you must be bored! ;) heheh. why do you think it'll be any better with you in good shape, do you mean just feeling better about yourself etc?

No, there was a good reason for reading it and everything :o)

As for why I want to get fit and stuff - I just feel like I've really not been at my best at Uni... I want to have some real fun in my last year, and a lot of that involves how much self-confidence I have etc., so it's important that I'm happy with myself, rather than being a skinny, unfit little bitch, which is what I am now :o)

keep going with exercise and everything, you can do it (heh i just got the b&q motto in my head then, sorry for the cheesy-ness if that is a word!) i find i can be more out going or whatever when i'm looking my best, it helps so much

HEEEEY, I'm a skinny, unfit little bitch... that eats a lot of unhealthy stuff... !!!

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