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I've just realised I'm crazy. That explains so much....

... now back to sleep :o)

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i'm crazy too!!! but i enjoy every minute of it...YAY!

I've just realised I'm crazy. That explains so much....

you've only JUST realised?

c'mon, you knew somebody was gonna do that one :P

You should join my club. We get together bi-monthly and discuss the best way to dissect human eyes with the least amount of pain to our victims.

Least? Where's the fun in that?

very Patrick Bateman of me, but it'd take them longer to die that way ;)

You're only crazy in the fact that you use that darn European type of spelling.

Realize, not realise.

C'mon, be American! Despite the fact that you. . . aren't.

Ahh, English spellings are the reasons why I have to think about how to spell certain things... like realize, I always think it's either realise or realize... though I guess that's one example... color and colour really doesn't make me think about which... hrm...

Join the club. You've already taken the first step!

I've just realized, are those glowsticks?

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