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Television Steals the Conversation
So, my holiday is officially over, in effect. Because I'm going to bed now, and when I wake up, it'll be Saturday - the weekend, specifically, the weekend before work. As of 5pm yesterday (well, Friday), I was no better off and had no more free time than any weekend during work. And so begins two and a half months worth of paid employment - 1/5th of which is going on summer rent alone. At £54 per day, one day per week will cover a week's rent. Which leaves me with an effective £216 per week. Subtract NI from all of that, and I've got about £200 per week to stick in the bank. Should be working at least 10 weeks, so in theory, at the end of it I come out with £2,000, which isn't bad. Plus about a thousand from my student loan will give me about three grand to start next school year with. £800 of that, of course, will go on rent for the first term. So £2,200. Let's say I pay off my credit card bills. I'm down to £1,500. Let's assume expenses of £100 per week. That means when I get to Christmas, I'll have £500 left. Add to my earnings at Christmas (hopefully), plus the next student loan... That gives me about 2,000. So £800 for rent. Then £100 per week. So I get to Easter with £200. You get the idea....

The point is, next year, I may actually be self-sufficient, especially since I can see some areas of expenditure where I can really save if I try (consolidating all my web hosting into one service, for example). Of course, as with all my plans (especially the ones about money), this will fall flat because I'll have forgotten to take something into consideration, or I won't be able to work for long over the summer. But that's the plan, at least, and if it breaks, I'll just have to deal...

Watching Episode One the other day, I got all emotional, it was so weird. I guess it's having seen Episode Two so many times that I just get used to Anakin - I no longer resent and hate him in Ep1 now. Instead, when he's saying goodbye to his mum, I get all teary-eyed and stuff.... Plus, when I first saw it, I could feel reasonably detached about who Anakin was, and who he would become - the story was very much about Obi Wan and Qui Gon. However, after Ep2, you can no longer pretend that he's just some kid - his destiny is brought to the forefront of your mind, and then watching Ep1 afterwards, you can really see him growing up into the Anakin we saw Hayden Christensen play. Which is sad - he's this little boy, who wants nothing more than to help people, who says "yippee" a lot, and who just seems so innocent and nice. And we see him grow into this arrogant, slightly resentful, yet understandable young man. And in the next movie, we're going to see one of the most distressing pieces of film possible (for fans, anyway). It's going to take a sweet boy, who grew up into a cool young Jedi we could identify with, and bridge the gap between him, and the bad guy in Episode IV: A New Hope. I'll be 23 by the time it comes out - I wonder if I'll be able to avoid crying. I doubt it....

Quick poll, because I'd like to highlight how silly something is....

Poll #44871 Gratuitous Pictures

Would you like to see pictures of me posing with random household objects, for no apparent reason?


No? Huh, how 'bout that..... ;o)

Anyway, onto other (similarly trivial) things... I'm now without a bass guitar. This annoys me - I'm gonna see if my sister will swap her bass for my keyboard. She'll like the keyboard more. Alternatively, I'll buy myself a cheap-ass second hand bass, and keep the keyboard. Then I could nick my brother's electonic drum set, and make real music. Or, uh, not :o)

Just need to write a quick To Do lits (sic), so I don't forget:
  • Cancel Webfusion Accounts
  • Take all my stuff home
  • Take Reading ticket home
  • Pay Matt for Reading Ticket ASAP
  • Sleep at some point
Quite why I subjected a public post to that, I don't know - normally I stick them in private ones (10% of my journal entries are just Note To Self style private things). Hell, perhaps I figured that you still care too much, and wanted to bring more apathy to my viewing public by talking crap. How am I doing? :o)


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