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All Your Friends Think You're a Fuckhead
Shanu is into some weird-ass music. But I like it :o) Cheers for the CDs mate, they're wicked...

I've shifted's server details over to my CyberPixels account. Might be slightly slower, but it's a good deal cheaper (effectively free, given that I'm already paying for that service), and allows me to do some kickass things with the site (unlimited SQL databases, loads of subdomains, etc.). Now all I have to do is work out a few other details. I'll be sticking a load of database stuff up there shortly - message boards etc., just to test my code. Home made message boards are the cheap way of working out if your code has any holes in it, since I can test anything with them :o)

Anyhow, I went out to get food earlier, but it turns out that at 11pm on a Friday night, the shops are somewhat busy - who'd have thought it? That there might actually be people out and about, and forming a massive queue which I chose not to try to get into. It just seems odd - I don't think I can have been out in Brighton on a Friday night more than once or twice ever - there seems so little point. Sure, if it marks the end of a working week, that's all well and good, but I've been to four lectures since November - classifying my days is all arbitrary. Monday = Friday = Saturday as far as I'm concerned.

With nothing to do, the only distinction between days comes from what your friends are doing, and what's on TV. My friends tend to go out mostly to club nights, which are on Mondays and Tuesdays, so that's usually when I tend to go out. And Fridays are typically the nights with the best TV - Neighbours, Friends, BBLB, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Eastenders, BB, Friends, Will and Grace, BB, Graham Norton, Jackass, BB again.... I can be pretty much occupied from 5:30pm until after midnight, non stop. Given that, it's much easier to go out on the other nights of the week, when there's less to do, or when my friends are going out. Which all adds up to a rather laboured explanation of why I don't go out on Fridays :o)

Anyway, as per, I have nothing constructive to say. I've well and truly broken one of my darts - for the second time (on the same dart), I did a Robin Hood Prince of Thieves trick on it, and split it. Only this time, it's properly broken. Still, I managed to get over 150 earlier, which was neat. Must keep practising, maybe it'll give me a stronger arm for my frisbee (the way I throw darts is rather energetic - I tend to throw them kinda like one would throw a javelin). Anyway, I think I'll go sit downstairs for a bit and watch some TV, safe in the knowledge that I'm the only one in the house :o)

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Watch out for a Woz flying around Brighton on Sunday and Monday!!!!!!!!!

You hace been w4rn3d!

For my own good, I'll be gone by then ;o)

Shanu is into some weird-ass music. But I like it :o) Cheers for the CDs mate, they're wicked...

R0xx0r. Glad you like 'em, buddy.

What kinda thing was on the cds? xxx

I don't exactly remember, but Chang, Mahumodo, Sikth, Tool, And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots, Dogpiss, Guns 'n Wankers, Leatherface, 3D House of Beef, 36 Crazyfists, Five Pointe 0, 5ive, Adhesive, Onedice, Zero Down, etc... they're fairly likely. :)

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