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Heh, ridiculous... The recording of the answerphone message I left earlier has already had 100 downloads, in just five hours. I'm impressed, I never realised quite how easy it is to market my own voice :o)

Anyway, I'm not especially tired, but it is almost 7am, so I should probably get some sleep (or, as some might call it, zl33f). The underlying logic being that I'm off to work on Monday, and I should be kinda prepared for that. Currently working on my various websites - trying to bring them all onto one server. Soon MRO,, SFSD and my personal site will all be in one place. Should make it significantly cheaper - about £20 cheaper per month. Which is a nice saving.

Oh, and also, members of my idiot army can, if they like, have website forwarding style stuff in addition to the e-mail forwarding. i.e., will go to my site, will go to Chas' site, etc. I'll just have to set that up later on, but it'll be cool. Just a pointless little trick, but you know, that's what I'm all about :o)

I may go out tonight (Friday), I'm not sure yet. It might be amusing to just drink the rest of my bottle of vodka here, then go out to a pub and perhaps a club, without having my friends around me. I might have a shite time, I might have a great time, but it'd be fun to find out which. I can't remember the last time I went out without my friends, if I ever have.... But before I can do that, I have to sleep. Here I go.... :o)

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*ahem* *ahem

O perhaps

Film yourself drunk for all to see, hehe... :þ

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