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I. . . can't even comprehend their logic. *Why*, exactly, do they think Washington D.C. should be placed under British rule? Maybe you can explain that to me, Jamie.

I don't know. I just posted it because it amused me.

i'm actually from DC and the situation is absolutely rediculous. the taxes are really high and yet they don't get to decide where their tax money is spent. the reason their doing this whole Queen thing is just to get more attention to the issue, specifically on an international level. they're hardly serious about it, but it always helps to make your own country look bad in front of other countries. the symbolism of it is also important, as stated in the article. the current license plate motto is a play on a phrase from when the Americans declared independence from the crown (No taxation without representation). honestly, i'd like to see Queen excercise her rule over DC. that would be so fun. instead of "Taxation without representation," everyone could say "God save the Queen," or whatever like phrase is used. anyway, yeah.

What the fuck is this world comin to next?!

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