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A confusing thought....
Regarding the removal of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegience, Bush said this here:

"The declaration of God in the Pledge of Allegiance doesn't violate rights. As a matter of fact, it's a confirmation of the fact that we received our rights from God, as proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence."

So, the constitution of the US says that there is to be separation between church and state. According to the current president, God gave the US citizens their rights. So, if I've got this right:
  1. God gives man the right to ignore him
  2. Man takes away that right, thus man is ignoring God
  3. In ignoring God, man is doing what he has just forbidden
  4. God ignores man's transgression, because man hasn't technically disobeyed Him
  5. Man is allowed into heaven by God, but sends himself to Hell because he broke his own interpretation of God's rules
Now if that doesn't make sense, then maybe there's something wrong with what Bush said.....

Anyway, in other news, I really love how the US believes itself to be above international justice. While they feel it's within their rights to pick up "unlawful combatants" in another country and hold them indefinitely, regardless of their nationalities, they don't feel that their soldiers should be subject to international laws and the consequences of breaking them. Tony Blair, in a typical response, then stepped up and said "Well, they have valid concerns", because he doesn't want Bush to stop liking him. It's pathetic. He needs to grow a spine and stand up to that self-serving republican piece of shit.

In real life matters, I'm off to Brighton later today, I think... It'll be nice to be back there for a few days, although Dad is coming to collect my stuff at the weekend (sans computer). And speaking of computers, the one I'm on right now is currently doing a lot better than it was before. I ran AdAware on it, and it detected over 300 installed components of spyware applications. It was rather shocking. But I killed them all :o)

I plucked my eyebrows earlier, which hurt for a little while. It's less painful if you do each hair individually, but that takes too long. So I just got as many as I could with each use of the tweezers. It's necessary really though - it's either pluck them, or risk having my eyebrows join in the middle, in some sort of evil monobrow. And I really don't want that :o)

I have two ideas for Satire - I'd like to be able to get to Uni, because I might break with my usual tradition and include images with them. Logos and stuff. They'd be relevant to the stories, see... And I can only really do graphics stuff on my computer in Brighton, since there's no real software on this thing, and I wouldn't trust it anyway.... So yeah, best go to bed so that I'm awake in time to go :o)

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Bush hardly represents the United States properly. The Supreme Court's view of things is completely different from how the President viewed things. "Under God" should be stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance, simply because church and state are to be seperated. By using the term "God", you are limiting people to believing in "the one and only one God," thus eliminating the freedom of religion we have been promised.

And. . regarding step # 2 in your ladder, where and when does man take away the right to ignore God?

Because Bush is trying to put "under God" back in - thus is not allowing separation of church and state.

i swear i think more like a non-american...

uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

Being from the States, and being a Christian had lead me to believe that there a few things wrong with what you said. God did give man kind the right to think differently, but it is our fault that we haven't listened to God since the first, look at what Adam did the Garden, classic example that man chooses not to listen to God. If we choose not to listen to God, then we are putting ourselves at risk for temptation, sin, etc. Still following? God doesn't turn his back on us, but he turns his head to allow us to see where we went wrong, and to learn from our mistakes. Some *smart* cookies don't learn.

It's really confusing, esp. for me, to think that it's against what the US stands for. The gov't is weird anyway. The only reason why we put "One nation under God" in the 1950s is to prove to the world that the US was a monotheistic, non Communist, "united against all things not our way" nation. Now tell me that my nation is messed up, b/c this time I will believe you.

~ not insueating (sp?) that you have ever said my country sucks, but some people think this way, and i really can't see inside your head, so.. if you haven't i do thoroughly apologize.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

The only reason why we put "One nation under God" in the 1950s is to prove to the world that the US was a monotheistic, non Communist, "united against all things not our way" nation

Well in that case, it seems only fair to take it out, since those things are a load of crap ;o)

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

well at the time it was true, and after 9-11 (so cliche) we started using that more often so you think more people object to the removal of it, no?

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

"a monotheistic, non Communist, 'united against all things not our way' nation"

The United States guarantees that the religion is down to personal choice, and demands that people are free to worship as they please. Thus, the US is not monotheistic.

Furthermore, I don't think "under God" has anything to do with whether you're a communist or not. Nor does it relate to the "we do things our own way".

The "Under God" part specifically relates to being a monotheistic country, which it is not.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

"The "Under God" part specifically relates to being a monotheistic country, which it is not."

Precisely what I was trying to get at earlier.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

Indeed, I agreed with that part

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

Then we agree.

Now let's get naked.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

How about "no way, ever, give it up"?

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

I'm a firm believer in something I once said.

"If you never ask, then don't expect to receive."

If I want something, I simply have to keep asking, because otherwise, there isn't even a remote chance I'll ever get it. It doesn't matter if there's a zero percent chance now. Unless I keep asking, my chances are even less.

So let's get naked and discuss philosophy.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

Trust me, your chances are already nil.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?


But you didn't have to prohibit me from commenting.

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

It's irritating me

Re: uhhh.. do i dare to disagree?

I . . . promise to behave, and keep my hands to myself?

The name "God" is not only used in the Pledge of Allegiance in America. It's on every coin and bill and also on many government buildings. If you change one thing, it'll just lead to changing all the others to make 1 point. How stupid can America get? Americans are so used to the pledge and how it is now. If it's changed things will just become worse for the country, and many people will STILL say their Pledge of Allegiance with the name "god" in it(I know I will).

I don't think you quite understand. You can ignore the use of the word "god" on coins. You don't have to care what it says on government buildings. However, putting pressure on kids to acknowledge that there is a monotheistic deity is wrong - that's the point. It should be taken out, because otherwise, you're pressurising kids into saying that they believe in God, whether they do or not. You can say whatever you like to yourself - the original pledge made no mention of God, and rightly so. God has no place being forced in schools.

By using the simple term "GOD", the only religion you are restricting would be atheism. You would be forcing them to acknowledge a God.

The Pledge of Allegiance forces people to recognize "the one and only god", as the founders of the nation believed in.

Coins aren't as big a deal as the pledge of allegiance is.

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