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When you're young......
So this isn't the first journal I've ever kept. I have a diary of the summer of 1989, back when I was 7 years old... Thirteen years has done a lot for my spelling and grammar, I'll say that much. Mind you, I did employ the correct forms of "had had" and "her her", which is impressive. Furthermore, occasionally, I got apostrophes right (although I had yet to learn that possessive "its" has no apostrophe).

So, here it is, in all its glory. I reproduced the punctuation and spelling as they were in the diary, but not capitalisation - I find it difficult to write with anything short of correct capital letters, it just doesn't feel right. I have a feeling Ed is gonna kill me for August 9th's entry, although he might just find it interesting...

Anyway, here it all is:

Friday 21st July

I went to the science museum with gramps on a train. We got on it at Princes Risborough and got off it at Marylebone in London. Then we went on 3 tubes. Once when we had to go down lots of steps the escalator wasn't working so we had to go down by steps. When we got off the third tube we were right next to the museum. To get there we went through a tunnel. Inside we saw a pendulum at 12 oclock. Then we looked at some more things. At 1 oclock we got back to the pendulum, it had moved. When we had had a good look at most of the things we went to the round pond to have lunch. Then we went on 2 tubes then back to the station. The train didn't work so they got another one but we were 5 seconds late (but that didn't matter.)

Saturday 22nd July

Hotest day since 1976. We had our paddling-pool out. We had our hair cut. We went to the village.

Sunday 23rd July

We went up to White Leaf Cross with grannie, uncle David and Lesley. It was very hot again. I listened to the first instalment of the magicans nephew on the radio at half past six.

Monday 24th July

We went to Lucy Stones house to play. We made a sloppy mixture in a bowl. Then we played on the slide.

Tuesday 25th July

We went to Elinor McGees house. We liked playing on the slide. Elinor was silly.

Wednesday 26th July

Steven, Katie, Jenni, Jenny came here. Absolute chaos. Steven and Jenni had a picnic in our garden with us. We made lego models.

Thursday 27th July

Woke up at 6:00. I was very grumpy. I went to the Play Days at school. I played rounders, tabble tennis and went on a treasur hunt (there is a map.) I loved it all I'm going again to-morrow.
map here

Friday 28th July

I went to the playdays again. I made a walky talky from wood. I didn't shape it but I put the holes in it. Then I went to make a badge. Mummy fetched me. Steven and Jenni came to play while Helen was at the dentist.
Mummy and daddy packed the car for our holiday.

Sat 29th July

We came on holiday. It absalutely poured with rain when we got there. We got held up by a carnival. We went down to the beach (a very silly idear.)

Sunday 30th July

First full day at Pencarnan. We went down to the beach and had a picnic on it. I made a thing (it's in a picture). We had a good long play then went back. I listened to the second instalment of the magicians nephew. On the beach we saw a rescue helicopter land on whitesands and go to the head. It winched down 1 person and winched up 2.
picture of a sand thing that one would roll a ball down
cutting of a newspaper article about the rescue

Monday 31st July

We went down to the beach. It was too cold for going in the sea so we went fishing. I caught (or daddy caught) a little baby sand smelt (in fact 3) in a rock pool. One of them started to diy so we let it go back. We caught 5 shrimps aswell. Sarah showed us 3 jelly fishes. One big, one mediam and one small.

Tuesday 1st August

We went to Manorbier castle for a picnic then we went in the castle itself. We went up to the top of the castle. I got a mini teliscope there. Then we went to Pembroke Dock and went on a boat called the tudor princess. We saw a super-tanker.
Picture of Manorbier Castle
This is the castle that is used in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Wednesday 2nd August

I went fishing at porthselau and caught lots and lots of shrimps. We went into St Davids to by a book for me but we couldn't. But we got a kite instead so it didn't matter.

Thursday 3rd August

We spent our whole day on the beach. daddy made a bus for me, Jack, Toby, Anna, Edward and Jamie. Daddy made cars for Anna and Edward.

Friday 4th August

We went down to the beach for the morning then we had a cream tea with great gran, grannie and uncle David. I had a chocolate fudge gateau

Saturday 5th August

We went down to the beach for the morning. Mummy packed everything. It took us 4 hours to get home. We got back at 1/2 past 7. Before we left we said goodbye to Jack, Sarah, Toby and Fergus who are moving to Germany for 2 years. We hope to see them again next year at pencarnan.

Sunday 6th August

I watched the telly and didn't want to write my diary. We had roast beef for lunch and it was delicious

Monday 7th August

I caught up with my diary. We wached the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to see Cair Paravel which is Manorbier (see Tuesday 1st August.)

Tuesday 8th August

Grannie and Gramps looked after us for the afternoon. I watched Paul Daniels Magic Show. Mummy and Daddy went to watch the Jameson Tonight programe in London. Uncle George played the guitar.

Wednesday 9th August

Edward did lots of wees in the toilet. He is out of nappys now (in the day.)

Thursday 10th August

We went to Steven and Jenni's house and played Scalextric. Steven did about 20 miles on it. Edward had a go and went 3 times round without stopping. We had lunch there.

Friday 11th August

We stayed at home and Mummy was ill. We pretended to give her first aid.

Saturday 12th August

Grannie and Gramps came over with their new camcorder. They took some film of us in the garden to show auntie barbra in newyork.

Sunday 13th August

We had steak casserole for supper and went to the play ground and played on the boat, the obstacle corse and everything.

Monday 14th August

We went to Beckys house. We took her her birthday presents. We went outside and had chocolate biscuits. We played on little bikes.

Tuesday 15th August

I wrote a letter to Brian Henry for Grannie to take to America. It was very windy and we went to the stream.

Wednesday 16th August

Mark, Victoria and Suzanne came to our house. We played in the garaden and I rode my bike. I fell off into the flower bed. I also did some stunts on it. Paula came with a big bag of apples.

Thursday 17th August

We saw a Lunar Eclipse and we saw a hedghog. It was about 2.35 in the morning. At getting up time after breakfast Adam came and we played a balancing game with bricks. When we saw the lunar eclipse it was a gibbous phase at the beginning and we watched it till it was total. We saw Ursa Major the constalatoin.
diagram of Ursa Major and where it was in the sky

Friday 18th August

When Daddy had gone to work he had forgotten some papers so we went to Puffa to give them to him. We stayed there for some time then we went home we saw him waving through the window and we were on the road when he did it.

Saturday 19th August

Daddy brought his little computer home. I played pakman and digger. On digger you are a digger and you have to get all the emeralds. Hobbin and Nobbin try to get you and if they do the death march comes on and the grave says R.I.P. We went to oxford with the video to have it mended.

Sunday 20th August

We went to a boating lake at Linch Hill. We saw a big yellow fish. We went on a rowing boat and saw some other fishes. There were people fishing and wind surfing. We had a picnic by the lake. On the way home we listened to the last installment of the magicians nephew on the radio it was my story.

Monday 21st August

We stayed in all day and we were naughty and drove mummy mad. She was very cross with us. Anna and Edward had toad in the hole and I had minced roast pork.

Tuesday 22nd August

We went to a garden centre. Edward got a flower tub mummy got 3 flower trays and fish food for grannie. Mummy got 3 packets - 2 packets of crisps and 1 packet of polos. The polos were for me and the crisps were for Anna and Edward.

Wednesday 23rd August

We went to Suzzanes house. I played on the scooter and was quite good. I went over 3 jumps 1 was 1 1/4 inches the second 4 inches and the third 4 7/8 inches. I played on the computer

Thursday 24th August

I heard about neptune on the news. They have found 6 more moons. There are 8 altogether. It was exiting. Mummy made a cake and put it in the freezer. After our holiday mummy will ice it and take it to uncle Davids on his birthday.

Friday 25th August

We packed evry thing. Mummy packed lots of things: clothes, toys, food, bedding, towels and pencils. We packed some toys including construx. In the evning when daddy was home we took the guineapig to stevens house

Saturday 26th August

I woke up at 4 oclock and didn't go back to sleep. I was too excited I expect. It seemed to be only 1 hour but it was over 4 hours to get to pencarnan. On the motorway a caravan being pulled by a car had rolled on it's side and shattered to bits! When we got there Sandra and Adrian were here with Becky and Matthew. They had spent a week in the caravan and were packing to go home.

Sunday 27th August

We went to St Davids to buy a fishing net for me. In St Davids we saw a sign saying that the lifeboat was going to exercise with the helicopter in whitesands bay. So in the afternoon we went to St Justinian and watched the lifeboat being launched and when it had gone round to the bay we went back to the caravan and watched the exercises. They were winching people up and down from the helicopter to the lifeboat.

Monday 28th August

We spent all day on the beach. Daddy went fishing with me and we caught 2 grabs 5 inches across sideways and 3 inches from the back to the front. 2 other people had caught a baby pollock and another fish. It was warm and mummy made a boat with sand and the waves knocked it down. We had fun with the waves.

Tuesday 29th August

When I woke up mummy told me that she had seen a badger outside the caravan window during the night. We went into haverfordwest to see great gran who is 86 years old. Later in the day we went and climbed up Clegyr Boia which was a neolithic settlement. And we went to porth clais and saw a boat being pulled onto a trailer and four lime kilns.

Wednesday 30th August

We went down to the beach for most of the morning and it started to rain. When I washed a bucket it stoped and we collected seaweed for mummys compost. When we went back to the caravan it poured with rain and we went to the marine life centre and saw congers trigerfishes and lots more fishes. There were whales singing.

Thursday 31st August

We went to the Solva nectarium, it wasn't as hot as blenhem butterfly house. We went round once and out then we went into the hachery and saw a butterfly trying to get out of it's cacoon and one just out of it's cocoon and saw crickits, praying mantas, scorpions, tarantilars ect. Then we went back into the nectarium and saw a terrapin. We saw some fish too. Meanwhile mummy, Anna and Edward went round the coast and looked out into St Brides bay. In the after noon we spent all afternoon on the beach and made two huge pools. Daddy caught a scorpion fish and I caught 4 fishes. Another boy caught a blenny.

Friday 1st September

We went into St Davids and got 18 rolls and 3 tomatos and then went down to the beach and mummy came with the lunch. In the evening we came home.

Saturday 2nd September

We played in the garden and in the evning we had a bath and we had not had one all week. In the night grannie phoned and said that she had had £300 stolen in newyork.

Sunday 3rd September

We went to fetch the guinapig from Helens. I saw Steven and Jenni. They are coming to our house on Tuesday. We went to uncle Davids to give him his birthday presents, cards and cake.

So yeah, that's my diary from when I was seven years old. I remember some of those days - namely: 12th August, 17th August, 20th August, 29th August, 31st August, 2nd September. Oh, and August 17th and 24th confirm my geeky leanings even back then - I had a passion for astronomy, used to read lots of books about it pretty much from the moment I could read.

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Your journal at seven makes more sence than mine at sixteen...who would have thought...

possesive "it's" does has an appostrophe.

The only reason for the apostrophe is to signify "is"... "it's" is "it is," "its" is just a possesive form of "it," as he said before...

Differ all you like, possessive "its" has no apostrophe, it's a fact :o)

at the top of your journal it says jamie's journal. there is an apostrophe. "it's" is no different. possessive "it's" has an apostrophe, it is a rule. i know what i'm talking about.

Actually, "it's" means "it is". It's a fact. Go ask somebody, that's how the language works. Sorry.

so when it says jamie's livejournal. it means jamies is livejournal. i did not know that. i'm telling you, possessive it's has an apostrophe. just say it does,(even if you don't meant it) so i can move on with the rest of my life.

The possessive forms of words usually have an apostrophe, yes, so "Jamie's LiveJournal" is the correct possessive form. However, in the case of the word "it", the possessive form has no apostrophe, to make it different from the short form of "it is".

why cant you just say "yes, natasha, you are completely right, i was a fool to dissagree with you". please. please. i don't want no fued over an apostrophe, (which should be there as a rule).

"Natasha"? What happened to "Amber"? :o)

oh you remember? well, i lied. i didn't what anyone finding out how truly strange i am, but it didn't work that well coz all my friends found out anyway. nice change of subject. i think we both realise that the possessive 'it' likes it's appostrophe(see what i done?). coz if i am wrong, everything i ever believed in would be a sham.

You'd think, but actually, it's not allowed apostrophes of its own :o)

jamie's right. most words have an apostrophe in the possessive, but "its" is the exception and only has an apostrophe when it's a contraction (it is = it's). i promise you, that is most definitely a fact.

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