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Today has been... well... lazy... I woke up around 2ish when Mel called, which was perhaps the nicest thing to wake up to. Did nothing for a few hours... Played GTA3, ate pizza, watched TV - the sort of stuff one should be doing in the holidays. Pity it won't last, what with work coming up as of next Monday. Still, I could do with the money.....

Been exercising - not quite sure why. I'm determined to be fit by the time I get back to Uni, so I've been cycling a mile uphill on the exercise bike every day, while lifting weights (nothing too heavy, but lots of repetitions since I have to keep it up the whole time I'm cycling). Thus far, I'm not sure what that'll actually do for me, but you know, if I keep that up every day until the end of summer, it should be good. A decent throwing arm and a pair of legs that can run is all I really want out of this :o)

Anyway, just checking in - I was in danger of not having updated today, and if that happens for no good reason, the world will end :o)

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I failed. Just then. I suck.

It's good to know that livejournal owns yer ass, though.

Cycling and running leg muscles are actually pretty much opposite, apparently. So building up your cycling muscles will only help you so cycling and a few similar actions better. Of course it will improve your fitness so you'll naturally be able to run further and faster for longer, but this act of running will be counterproductive on the cycling muscles you'd built up.

Or so I read.

Presumably it will increase my overall stamina though, right? I mean, anything that gets my body used to a bit of exertion can't be bad...

However, I'll bear that in mind. Hopefully, playing Frisbee next year will improve my running muscles when required :o)

I run and cycle a lot, and can't see any way in which these two are counterproductive. True, running does excersise muscles that cycling doesn't and vice versa. But they're largely the same, and actually work quite well with each other. I only say this because I can actually feel that i'm using the same muscles a lot of the time......oh yeah, and the personal trainer at my gym said so :o)

You're HOTT!!

Really? Golly, nobody's ever said that to me before... Do you really mean it?

No, (s)he was lying just to make you feel better about yourself. Comforting isn't it?

I hate you so much :o(

it wasn't really. one of them in the past has been, and I've done a couple on david's, but i stopped bothering a while ago. I was merely seeking your attention.

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