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Meet me at midnight at the broadcast tower high above the hollywood sign
It's fantastic - the 1.4GHz Athlon that my parents have is actually vastly inferior to my uber-l33t PIII-800. I mean, I always knew that, but it's nice to actually use it and have it proved to me that mine is by far the superior Internet and Multimedia machine (which is, in fairness, all computers are used for these days). No offence to this machine, I'm sure it's nice and all, but it just doesn't have the character of mine. What it does have is insanity - windows close randomly, the mouse changes location on the screen, it clicks buttons at random..... This thing needs to be FDISK'd.

Anyway, if I can just think about what I've been up to.... Well, I spent Saturday morning until this afternoon with Mel, at my house, and then at hers... 'twas lovely to see her. We watched KillerNet - it was so cool... I could see loads of places in it that I know, since it was all set in Brighton. Such a good mini-series type thing :o)

Anyhow, got home, went to Pizza Hut for my mum's 47th birthday, which was nice. I like pizza hut, although it's never quite as much fun without Mel there. Still, I ate good food, and didn't have to pay - I consider that a success. Then came home and I played Frisbee with Ed for ages - he's gotten reasonably good at side-arm throws, which is excellent progress, since before today he'd never tried one.

I just saw The Sims on a shelf - I really ought to find out of that works.... I used to love that game, but it just doesn't work on my PC (no Maxis games do). I have a few ideas about how to fix it, so I might try those. It's such a wicked game, and naturally, I'd love to just stick a few sims into a cool house which represent me and my flatmates. I would then elevate my own status to God, and have everybody live only to serve me. As it should be in reality....... ;o)

Played lots of PS2 tonight - I'd missed GTA3 while I was away. Plus, I introduced myself to my cat again, because she'd forgotten who I was (for shame). Then she remembered again, and we had a nice chat - she understands every word I say. Mostly because I only meow at her :o)

Anyway, my body clock is messed. I woke up at 7:20am today, and then found out that the clock was broken, and it was in fact 2:20pm. Baffling... Time for bed soon :o)

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whereas my 1.4 gig Athlon kicks asssz :P

mmmmm... Sims :)

I wish we still had it. GRRRRR. I wonder who I lent it to...

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