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Horrible Choice
Well, I've been awake 20 hours, although since I wasn't properly asleep (merely resting), we can perhaps say that I've been awake 30 hours. I'm not feeling 100% OK. And now I have a choice - go to my lass's concert and watch/hear her sing, or go to sleep? Well, I have to say, right now, I think I'm going to choose secret option C - do my writeup for my project. I had too much attitude, I think - these are some of the comments in the code:

// If the player wants to use something, deal with that
// Have the player say what he sees
// Can you even use this item at all?
// Is this a talking skull?
// Is this item good for you?
// Is this item lethal when wielded agaist others?
// How many times has the Skull been questioned?
// Describe for me, in a single word, the object here
// Create me a hero
// Use the object in his right hand
// Use the object in his left hand
// Use the object in his backpack (how, I don't know - our hero
// may well have a third arm)
// Are you dead already?
// With the mythical third arm, use the item in your backpack
// Let's see what you've got...
// What's in the room? Who's in the room?
// Can I get up the stairs?
// Can we fit even more items in here?
// Is there anything in here?
// Well well, what do we have in this room then?

Anyhow, I have just an hour to prepare a 2000 word report on this. Think I can manage it? Cynical assholes, of course I can. Just watch me, bastards :oP

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Peering into my screen

"Just watch me, bastards :oP"

OK ..........................nope!






can't see you. Are you sure your webcam is pointing at you (and, of course, that you are connected to the web at a vast cost)?

BTW does "your lass" not mind you referring to her in this way?

Re: Peering into my screen

I'm sure it's a term of affection, or something...

BTW, what do you think of my code? :o)

Re: Peering into my screen

May I interject? (Don't worry, I have a mop)

Your code is wizzo cool. However, when I code databases, I do my comments in "L337 sp34k" for added effect.

// d035 743 l00z3r kn0w 1f 4ll 7h3 f13ld5 4r3 c0rr3c7?

// 00p5 l00z3r h45 bu573d 17.

// v4r1fy 4ll c0mp0n3n75.

Now that's what I call job security! No one else here can read l337 sp34k.

Re: Peering into my screen

Blimey! It looks like real code ;-) Far too complicated for my tiny understanding of Java.

Seriously, it looks good to me - you handled the cube of rooms quite well, even remembering to hard code the "middle" rooms.

I hope they don't worry about spolling in the comments - " // Unloack the objects in the room"

You know I haven't unloacked anything for years...

Re: Peering into my screen

So that's where Jim gets his "biting" sarcasm from.

Re: Peering into my screen

I'm sure that since the code is in fact:

// Unloack the objects in the room
public void unlock(){ locked = false; }

That they'll understand what I meant... They'd bloody well better :o)

Re: Peering into my screen

Soree butt i fink yule fynde vat speling inn de coments karriz mor marx dan inn de akchull kode.

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