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Hmm... I've done far more today than I wanted to - I was meant to be relaxing, but I kinda didn't... As it turned out, I bought food (Mmm, Coco Pops), which really helps because I was running out. I can now eat again, although right this second I don't feel up to it in the slightest :o)

Jimbo had to go to the doctor for something earlier, but he's okay, so that's good news. We've now got lots of plants, which will go around the house and stuff, although we still need to get more stuff for the garden (which we're tidying up on Tuesday). Then we went to the beach to play Frisbee, which has completely knackered me out - this guy came and joined us, and he was better than me - the bastard ;o)

Anyhow, I had loads to write about, but I can't remember now... Watching Eastenders - Steven is a total shit, there's a car bomb in Precious' car (how plausible), and the whole thing is just generally going a bit downhill. Oh well.... Been listening to lots of Tool today, I'm determined to learn all the songs off Lateralus, just because I think it's something everybody should know.

Jesus, I'm so tired, I can't even type right. I might as well go watch TV - Big Brother is on, either Jonny or Sophie will be evicted (I have a nasty feeling that it's going to be Jonny), then might play some guitar (I want to record Bad Case of Broken Heart and Giving Up On Love by The Ataris, since I've been listening to lots of End Is Forever), then it's Will and Grace, and then more Big Brother. It's a hard life.... :o)

Mel - sorry for being an arse earlier sweetie.... *hugs*


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