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Music Was My First Love....
I can't help but still feel slightly sick... Let me start from the beginning...

np: Oasis - Champagne Supernova

Okay, the exam... Reasonably straightforward really - best three questions out of four, two of them were straight off the Further Maths A-Level paper, and the other two were things I'd covered in my (rather comprehensive) revision from past papers. So mercifully, my last exam was not only my shortest, but the easiest. Such a relief, after some of the crap I've put myself through lately, with Differential Equations and Applications...

np: Eve 6 - Anytime

Anyway, after the exam, naturally we all converged (argh! maths!) on the pub. It opened at 11am, and by noon (just as I promised), I was already reasonably full of alcohol. I hadn't eaten breakfast, so that will have amplified the effect, along with the fact that I've only been drunk a couple of times in the last few months. Anyway, by 2pm I had consumed about 40cl of Vodka (16 shots, or just over a small bottle of it), and was, shall we say, wasted. I phoned various people and laughed at them down the phone - this may include Danuek, Dave, David, TMA, Kit... Well, it amused me....

np: Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say

Speaking of this song... The chords for the verse are Bm, G, D, A, and the chords for the chorus are D, A, Bm, G. Simple really - I worked it out for myself. I know it's nothing much to be proud of, but still, it's not that often that I listen to a song and I can just tell somebody what chords are being played. I've been playing this a lot this evening - I turned down the gain quite a bit on my amp in order to give an acoustic feel, and I've just been playing and singing lots. Played Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's loads. Worked out the chords for that too, although since it's literally just D, G, A, that's really not hard. I love just singing along to playing guitar...

np: Moulin Rouge - Come What May

So anyway, after I phoned people to laugh randomly, and chatted to Jim, Kat, Kev, etc., I went outside to play Frisbee, because apparently I just wasn't embarassing myself enough already, and had to be athletic in order to fulfill my potential. In the end, it was me, Jimbo, Vicky, Claire and Rob playing, and I sucked lots. Part of it was the fact that my hand-eye coordination was shot to pieces, but another part of it was a total inability to stay vertical for more than a minute before falling over again. I just kept falling down, while running and jumping for the frisbee, and also (worryingly) while stood perfectly still...

np: The Ataris - I O U One Galaxy

Anyway, after a few hours of drunken frisbee, we all decided to make our various ways home (Jimbo had already gone back). I caught the sun a bit, which is good - I like being a bit tanned, because it irritates me that I'm a pasty, skinny little bitch sometimes :o) Anyway, yeah, came home... I was still rather drunk, although I managed to have a perfectly sober conversation with Dave about uni and stuff - something about the University of Hull, as opposed to Humberside and Lincolnshire... Yet further proof that when I want to act sober, I can, regardless of alcohol intake. David will vouch for me, he's the same :o)

np: Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life

Anyhow, moving along, I eventually got home (damned delayed trains), and hung out with Claire for a bit - we got pizza hut. She's going tomorrow, and I'll not see her for a few months - I'm actually really going to miss her. I'll miss her and Jimbo really, but I'll see him over the summer a bit, so that's okay. The three of us seem to have been getting on quite well lately (dare I suggest that it's partly because Harry and Alex aren't here?)... Eventually, I got tired, and went to bed for a couple of hours, for some much needed sleep.

np: RHCP - Otherside

Got woken up at around 9pm by Jimbo, trying to get me to go to the pub. I've just had more alcohol than I've ever consumed in a day before, on an empty stomach - seriously, am I really likely to want to go to a pub? Obviously the pizza helped (although it was a Pepperoni Feast from Pizza Hut, and there wasn't nearly as much pepperoni on it as you'd get on one from Domino's), but I was still in no fit state to walk straight, let alone go to a pub. So I told him to naff off, and he and Claire went without me. Cue more sleep, and then talking to my wonderful girlfriend on the phone for a while :o)

np: The Ataris - Make It Last

So now it's probably time to go to bed.... I'm sleepy and kinda dizzy, and it's probably best if I just sleep and await the impending hangover :o)

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Now I understand why there were spelling errors in those last couple of posts...



Although you screaming


when I mentioned Hull uni was a bit out of character for non-drunk-James. : )

Well I was under the impression at the time that you were thinking of going back in time two years to where you started. Which would be stupid.

I agree, that would be completely stupid. If left between the choice of that and not going to uni then I would have to choose the latter.

There is absolutely no way that I am going back to ULH.

Too long to read, but, hey, great songs listed!

You think that is too long to read? Jesus f'ing Christ, I even broke the paragraphs up especially......

I'm in lazy mode, I'll eventually read it, might even properly reply... (in a week...)

Heh, quite amusing, glad I read it... so... did you have that horrible hangover?

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