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SLKIPknogt fuckign rules!

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try a nice bit of "static x"

I don;t liej tstatic CX much

I am quite keen. Though that sort of thing is not entirely my bag.

That genre I mean.

Haha have j00 been hax0red?

(Deleted comment)
The best song by them is "Everything Ends" well at least in my opinion!!!!

I like the way that your "current music" is always spelled perfectly. The drunkeness only seems to kick in when your actual post starts. ;)

That's because it is automatically detected.

Oooh, interesting...

*looks into this*

Glad to see my music taste is finally corrupting you ;)

I was singing that song rather loud when I was drunk :o)

pah. drunken musical tastes are nothing like actual ones.

hell, i go to the indie nights in town and dance (well, more kinda sway and feel really spacey) to Groove Armada and the Strokes, but i actually really loathe them ;P

Heh, Hard To Explain is fun to dance to.... :o)

i think it was Last Nite.. then they played Hotel Yorba. umm. my memory is good at songs. just not what i did. whats with that?!

Oh dear, another lost to the dismal abyss that is the Slipknot fanclub

I'm hardly in their fan club :o)

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