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I playted frisdbee for ages, and got all grass staINS ONY my jeans, and wenmt in a pond, biut it was fun. the sexam was really okay and i didn';t dpo too beadly , it as mostly what I'c been revising for

I drinka so much, but it's plkau. because my liver can take it :o)

Anyhow, I'llk shiut up nwo and annoy amp instead

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i want to do a sexam pleeeease

come to my house thennn ;O)

Eve 6 - Waterfalls


I want. NOW!

....and you did.



Jamie, your really drunk aren't you? What's up w/ your typing? lol

Re: wow


oooooh. the amusement in that :)

Hardly - I inadvertantly hit the B when I hit the N... The reason it got through my (usually rigorous) spelling checks was because I was just too sleepy by that point to notice....

Damn. A drunken Jamie, and I was nowhere near the UK to take advantage of it.

You didn't miss much - it wouldn't have made any difference.

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