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Which GIR should go as a userpic?
  Not acceptable, Library Drone!


  I don't wanna!


  You get my taquitos yet?

  I had no idea!

  What you say !!

  Cows are my friends

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Gotta be "I had no idea" or "Cows are my friends" I reckon - purely from a visual perspective - I've still not seen Zim yet!

At some point over the summer, I'll burn you every episode to CDs and mail them to you... Everybody should have Zim :o)

W00t that would be cool!! Thanks!

"I don't wanna!"
is clearly the best one :)

"What you say !!" But I like Nny better...

'Nny is okay, but Zim rocks :o)

Personally, I like 'Okay' (not that it matters ;)), even though I too have not seen Zim. Damn the man. SHOVEL!


(Deleted comment)
I took screen shots. You have to disable Hardware Acceleration gfrom REalplayer first though

what you say is the one you should use. i love gir! he's so cute!

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