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My dartboard just arrived... Not sure where I'm gonna put it, since it's quite heavy (lots of the walls in our house wouldn't support it). Plus, the oche needs to be 7'9" away or so (if I recall correctly, which I might not), and I'm not sure what the distances are like downstairs. Anyhow, I had a quick mess-around just against myself, and I didn't do too badly. Got down to 32, and pretty much gave up on account of how easy it got at that point (since you go for double 16, and if you miss the double and get a single, then double eight, then double four, etc.)

Still, I kinda suck lately - didn't get over 100 with any set of three darts, although I came really close a few times... Practice is what I need, and since I now have the board, it shouldn't be too hard to do that. Speaking of practice, in addition to playing darts this morning, I've also been out with Jimbo for a quick chuck-around with the Frisbee. Just in the street - no point in going anywhere special for it... 'twas fun, although I'm too sleepy for it right now - I only woke up an hour ago...

Time, perhaps, for some food.....


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