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Throbulator, the Asshatfucker
"Even as a small Irken smeet, my dream was to pass probing day like a slorbees passes her young. Jiggly! And full of juice...."

Sometimes Invader Zim is too funny... The line above makes me want to cry with laughter :o)

Anyway, onto today. Let's see... Woke up... Went to the exam.... Found out that while my revision would have been highly relevant to Applied Mathematics 1, it was reasonably useless in Differential Equations and Applications. They changed the course name, and changed the course content. In fact, one might almost be able to believe that the two were completely different courses, but for the fact that in theory, they're the same. I feel cheated out of my marks, but I don't care too much, because this exam was always going to suck gigantic balls.

So I look to the next exam - Numerical Analysis, on Thursday. Yet another exam where I didn't go to a single lecture, but then again, it's also a subject that I did in Further Maths, to an extent, so I'm reasonably confident. I've already made over ten pages of notes - put in perspective, that's more than I've ever made for any subject I've ever studied. I am determined to ace this exam, and I have a good while before I have to do it. I just want to throw off their statistics by going from 15% to 80%, because it'd be fun :o)

In other developments, I played Frisbee earlier with Jimbo. My new (purple-in-sunlight) disc isn't that great, I have to say, but it'll do for just messing about with at home and stuff. Plus, part of the problem might be that it's just too rigid - I'll fix that, just by playing a lot. Anyhow, it was a bit windy, and so I wasn't at my best or anything, but I didn't suck as much as I have done in the past, which is reassuring.

Oh, and before I forget, I met up with my mummy and sister today at Uni - they were at an open day type event, so I went along to say hi to them. 'twas nice to see them, and such. There were so many people on campus, it was weird. I do hope there's not a similar event on Thursday - the last thing I need in the middle of my post-exam celebrations is to be worrying about the impression I'm giving people of my uni.

Anyway, back to revision - oh how I love maths problems that I can do.... :o)


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