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Time for a brief nap... I now have a frisbee, and what's more, it turns purple in the sunlight. I told the guy that it was a silly gimmick, but he didn't have any regular discs, so this'll do - it's the right weight (175g) and size, so that's all that counts. And it gives me something to practice with :o)

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How can you say that anything purple is a gimmick.

You deserve to die :-P

my t-shirt has little flowers that turn greeny blue in the sunlight.
they're magic

you must die.. colour turning things are cool.

On the one hand, it's cool, and purple is my favourite colour.

On the other hand, regular frisbees would be much cheaper, and would give a bit more of a serious impression to people, since I am trying to play this sport properly :o)

Well... they should get their impression of your game from how well you play, not how cool your frisbee is :)

They'll just think youre a talented U.F. player with good taste :)


Hello.. Interesting site.. a little boring though..

My name is Karl. :)

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