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To her own reflection she says "I will be strong"
All Hail James, King of Pretention. Actually, that's not my official title - for some ideas about who I really am, feel free to see what Google has to say in response to "James is"...

James Is...
... a 100% pure Java server
... a natural kid's entertainer
... a girl
... enrolled in a home-study program
... one of the premier Western entertainers in the nation
... no softie
... not a political animal
... back with "Win Shares"
... a Trinidadian writer
... the English equivalent of Jacob

I wonder if that was in any way educational, or whether it was in actual fact just banal... I wouldn't want to call that one. Continuing this theme of unoriginal content, the following quote disturbed me and has got me questioning certain things about TMA:
[00:31:15] <TMA> I'm not bothered - need something warm and wet
[00:31:18] <TMA> down my throat
[00:34:36] <TMA> It's painfully obvious I'm an asshole to those who have even a shred of good sense
Make of this what you will. Anyway, onto today... Made the CDs for Petra and gave them to her - she seemed happy enough, and now owes me a drink. I shall make sure to take her up on that next year, when I will hopefully (probably) be on the Ultimate Frisbee team.

Speaking of Frisbee, Jimbo and I went down to the beach for a couple of hours earlier to play. It provided a much needed break in my revision, and I have to say, I'm getting pretty good. I was curling side-arms to him, and my backhand throws are gaining power quite a bit. I still need to work on the power thing though - he had to throw into the wind the whole time because I couldn't throw against the wind. Over long distances, the discs just go everywhere. Jimbo's much better at throwing into the wind anyway, although I'm getting much better at catching. He can do high discs which get caught by the wind and I can anticipate really early exactly where they're going to go. Which is a great help....

So yeah, I'll buy myself a disc later this week, so I can practice when I get home. I'll have to train Ed up to play against me - just throwing it to each other and such. In fact, I may as well train him up to be good at Ultimate Frisbee before he even gets to Uni - that way, he can get on the team right away, which'll be a massive help to him socially. You hear that Ed? I'm going to teach you everything Jimbo knows about Frisbee. Including how to bounce the disc on the wind. You'll see ;o)

Anyway, after my arm started getting totally knackered (I hope it's okay for my exam tomorrow, since I may have to write a lot), I came back to do more revision. Stopping along the way to browse various shops, naturally - over the next few months, I need a dartboard, a disc of my own, trainers, football boots, some new t-shirts... While I was out, I bought some jasmine and lavendar incense sticks, because they're always nice to have. Although I have to obviously be careful when I set fire to them :o)

Then it was back to revising maths... Determining ways of solving sets of differential equations by using eAt, which took a while to get the hang of. Then the rest is mostly just using Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors and blagging as many marks for them as I can. Which is pretty much all I'm good for these days - I know jack shit about the actual subject. I used to be a f'ing genius at Maths, I got A's in my Maths and Further Maths a-levels, and a First in the Cambridge special paper, and I only attended half the maths lessons in my final year of sixth form. Yet I can't do this stuff now. And why is that?

Because my brain simply won't do it. It's shit, that's what it is. When it comes down to it, I'm too creative for this degree. Maths is so ridiculously sterile and boring, and I'm a romantic creative type person - I can't sit here doing these mindless, soulless sums, and if that means failure in my degree, then so be it. Frankly, I'd sooner come out of my three years at university with a bad mark than come out without a soul...

Today I have been Mister America. For most of the day, I was dressed in a t-shirt from Hot Topic, boxers from Wal*Mart, shorts from American Outfitters, and flip-flops from Gap. Why, I'm the coolest little slave-labour-endorsing bunny ever, eh... And, speaking of clothes, I'm no nearer to working out what I want to wear on Thursday - it's going to be my biggest day/night out, and I just can't think of what I want to wear. Need to decide everything soon, but I just can't....

Anyhow, this evening has been good... Watched Big Brother, then watched some Invader Zim while I revised - "Taquitos! And a clown with no head!". Bizarre, but quality all the same. Then I watched Six Feet Under - I love that show. There's a certain darkness to it that just really seems to appeal to me right now, although I'm sure that a year ago, I'd have hated it for exactly that reason. Funny how a person can change. In between watching those things, I also had a great talk with Jo - really sorted my head out on a large number of issues. And I gave Good Responsible Advice too, which is something I seem to be doing lately. Worrying - I think it's a sign of growing up...

Anyway, I have an exam in, ooh, eight and a half hours. Which means I have to be awake in six hours. Which means I really need to stop writing this crap....

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good god your a hottie. you need to post more pictures of you.... hmmmm....

What have we told you about replying to yourself?


You can totally tell that's not his body. Some one obviously cut his face out of another pic. and put it on this one. Am I the only one that notices this?

Re: der

why dont you do something about it? It's like your putting yourself out to be something you aren't. I think that's...stupid.

It's not my site, I can't do anything about it...

Re: der

Yeah...good point. Do you personally know the girl that put together this site?

No, but from the looks of things, she's pretty insane... I get a lot of demented fans like that.....

lol yeah...I would say that too. Personally, if I would want someone to like me, I wouldn't scare them away ya know? Freaky. She's not the only crazy fan either. I've been reading your 70 some comments you get for like each entry and everyone's like "oh your so hott bla bla bla" come on guys, be original.

::falls out of chair laughing::

::still laughing::

::can't stop::



Six Feet Under is awesome. currently watching it on e4 on wednesday. the writing is so sharp, the bit in the pilot where the daughter (i suck with character names :-/) was high was fantastic i thought..

I feel I must publicly clear up the following :P

[00:31:15] I'm not bothered - need something warm and wet
[00:31:18] down my throat

Is not in fact me wanting a cup of tea. It's an attempt to disturb James, and possibly DMZ at the same time.

[00:34:36] It's painfully obvious I'm an asshole to those who have even a shred of good sense

This is ambiguous and, due to the fact I cannot generally string words together to make a coherent sentence, doesn't make any sense at all.

You only wish I did...

I only wish you didn't.

I wanted to see what Google said I was. It seems I hold many titles:

*The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
*(Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array)
*Amanda The Panda - Support for Grieving Children and Families
*The Amanda Foundation - Save an Animals Life Today!
*Native American Romance Novelist
*zaya dot pitas dot com
*The Bachelor - Bachelorette Bio
*Author of the No.1 Best-Seller, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire


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