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I never knew seagulls had tongues before. I never knew any birds did, although I had suspected, since they're largely descended from dinosaurs, which certainly did. But I now know that they do, because the baby seagull (which looks a lot like a fuzzy baby dinosaur (not a real one, it looks like a toy one)) keeps sticking his out at me. Unintentionally, I think, but still - it's a bastard ;o)
simple_sentence(Verb, Pronoun, Noun):-




That's my ever-so-simple prolog grammar. I'll obviously extend it a LOT... But it works, that's the important thing. Anyhow, I'm off to the beach to play Frisbee with Jimbo, if we can find space.....

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Do all land animals have tongues? I have been thinking about it, and I think only sea-critters don't..but I could be wrong.

Is it really that crowded at the beach over there?

Insects don't have tongues per se... I'm thinking of the word "proboscis" (spelled wrong, no doubt), but I'm not entirely sure.

And yeah, it's the middle of summer, in a large city which appeals to lots of tourists, and we'd be going to the most crowded part of the beach (to minimalise walking, since it's only 4 minutes to that part of the beach from our house). But we found space - the tide was going out, so we played on the damp area where people weren't sitting.

But then again, insects aren't animals. And some insects do have tongues, like butterflies.

Hm, I guess I have never really been to a bigger city trying to get a spot at the beach on a hot day. I live in a small 'village' I guess you could call it. It's probably a better idea to play frisbee on the harder wet sand then the dry sand that pulls at your feet. You can last longer on harder sand.

Uh, insects are animals. I'm not quite sure where you got the idea that they're not...

And again, I think butterflies have a proboscis rather than a tongue, per se.

As for the sand - I wish. We have pebbles, not sand, on our beach :o)

Ooh sorry about the pebbles.

Hehe, and the insect thing, you are right, I did have my stuff messed up. But, then again it's been years since I last learned any of that crap, science/biology/critters/etc. have never been my forte. So please, excuse the blunder. :S

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