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Someday I'll fly away
Finished burning CDs for Petra, and gave them to her just now... That's like, 15 CDs I've made in the last 48 hours. Not a bad record, really - that pretty much equals the number of CDs I've burned in my life in total up until yesterday.

I'd love to see that icon used on the BB site... Anyhow, yeah, I don't even know why I'm bothering writing right now. I've just been revising more Differential Equations - it's great, we're moving away from the traditional approach (which I hate), and we're now solving them with matrices, which I rather like. If I was given the 2001 paper, I could get 50% on it already, and I've not even revised it fully yet. Mind you, the course has changed a little since last year, so how I do is anybody's guess....

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I worked out - if I got the grades I think I got in my exams thus far, then I've already passed. Which is a great relief, since it takes a lot of the pressure off. I also found out that I only got 10% on a piece of CompSci coursework, but as an alternative to just not handing it in (which is what Tom and possibly Adam did), that's not so bad at all. Now I just have to hope that my CompSci exams went as well as I think the maths ones did.....

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Bleh - differential equations were the bane of my life at Uni! Not being the worlds strongets mathematician and fully aware of that fact did little to boost my confidence! The bad days were when we started applying in fluid mechanics - Bernoullis, Darcys etc!

Man I hated that so much I changed courses! ;0)

I can see why - Differential Equations are the devil, I've said so many times. I honestly hate them, and when they're taken into mechanics and applied maths, I hate them even more - at least when they were simple numbers, I could understand them given enough time and effort, but as soon as they start making them a little more "real", they just get unbearable.

Still, I can get by on this paper without using any of the typical Differential Equations methods, but by using matrix stuff instead, which I'm fairly comfortable with... :o)

I remember little to be honest think I've blocked it out!

I do remember that our maths lecturer thought he was real funny when he gave us a questions asking us to work out how long it would take to empty a conical shape vat of fluid through a small hole int he bottom of the container given most of the variables like velocity, viscoity etc - so why did he think he was so funny - cos he put in the exam paper that it was a vat of Lager (or Lagger as he would say in his annoying jock drawl)! Ohh tee hee he really was the man gettin' down with the kids etc - tosser that he was! Seriously - his name was Des and he had a pony tail!

Oops sorry about that!

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