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But I am safe in here from the world outside
I hate Southern FM's Party in the Park. I hate it so much. I will make it suffer large !!!

It's being held at Preston Park, which is just up the road from here, which meant that the station was Hell to navigate. Police and security everywhere... Finally got a train to Uni, hung out with Shanu for a bit, played some guitar, got some past papers, came home... When I got home, there were even more policemen, who were very uncooperative and wouldn't let me go home. So I had to take a massive ten minute detour to get home (when normally it takes about thirty seconds from the station).

And then later on, all the shops were closed, and half the roads were closed. So I couldn't get food. Doesn't matter that my blood sugar level was dropping like a brick after over 24 hours without any food, everywhere was closed or inaccessible. So I had to go to McDonalds of all places to get some food (since I'm completely out) - it was the only place open in the whole area. Except pizza places, but I didn't feel deserving of pizza.

In amusing news...
[20:55:24] <DMZ> why don't you like namespaces?
[20:55:34] <Deity1> why don't you like girls?
Occasionally, Kit can actually be amusing - I knew there was a reason we still put up with him.... ;o)

I'm tempted to get to work on a grammar for next year's project... In theory, a simple grammar should be okay at first - the operator will give very simple commands, and it will interpret them. I'll then expand on the grammar, and the general interface. At the end of the day, it'll be a fantastic interface onto whatever project I finally decide on. I just know that I want to us NLP on it, because it's easy marks.....

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So you only eat Pizza if you think you deserve it?

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