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Well, it's getting light outside. Only another 14 hours before I can sleep... See, my lass has convinced me to attend a concert that she's singing in (what with her being an opera singer and all - 'tis somebody's requiem, but I forget whose), so I'll be doing that this evening. Perhaps I'll get an hour's sleep after I hand the project in, or something... Otherwise, 10pm is my bedtime. I'm glad I slept yesterday afternoon now, really :o)

So, where am I up to... Well, I've built up a response to the USE command when applied to the talking skull in my game. It goes through a series of clues as to how to play, and then stops. That's pretty good. In the next 40 minutes, I hope to build GET and DROP commands too, along with improving the functionality of the USE command. I've got the COMBINE command to work, so you can now use the bow and arrow together. This is very good. I now have a timetable I'm working to, which helps. Unfortunately, I'm falling behind, since in my caffeine induced state, the time seems to just fly past.... Pity, since I'm doing quite well otherwise...

The player can now hold things in his left or right hands, or in his backpack. But he can't pick stuff up. This is good, for now. For now, I'm having him start off with weapons, which seems to work quite well, since I can then test him using them. Already tested the skull and bow... I still dunno about monsters, to be honest - should I include them or not? I have to include the final demon, but that's an easy matter, since just one can be hardcoded. But whether to use a monster object or not, that's the thing... Oh well, combat and such doesn't need to be sorted out until 10am (well, before then, but any time before then), so I'll leave it for now.

Anyhow, must get back to work - this code doesn't write itself... :o)

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Verdi Requiem perhaps....

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