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The Light In Your Eyes, The Smile On Your Ruby Lips
Not done too much today... Well, not much variation in what I did, at any rate. Watched football, slept, watched football, ate, revised, shopped... At around five, I tried to take a nap, but failed miserably when I realised I wasn't sleepy really, just exhausted.

Then at seven or thereabouts, Jimbo suggested we go play Frisbee, so we did. Met up with Vicky and Pigeon there, and played a lot of Frisbee. Finally gave up about an hour and a half later, but not before Pigeon (who is one of the best on the uni Ultimate Frisbee team) had given me a good few tips about my throwing style. I can do much better side-arms now, and my backhand throws are a lot more powerful. I'm nowhere near Jimbo's standard yet, but I really think I'll get there before too long.

Anyhow, after that, I came back, watched Big Brother for two hours, then spoke to Mel on the phone for three hours (which was fantastic), and then had some more food. It occurs to me that in the last 40 hours, I've had 4 hours of sleep. No wonder I'm exhausted. After Frisbee, we ran back to the house - however, since it was uphill the whole way, I soon managed to have some sort of respiratory difficulty, involving the fact that my lungs seem to be about one tenth of the size they needed to be. I had to take really deep gulping breaths as fast as I could just to stay alive. Not good. I dunno what it was, but I really couldn't breathe - perhaps I need to do more aerobic excercise...

Anyway, yeah, I'll do some aerobic exercise tomorrow. I'd to something else, like weights, but my right arm no longer works. Ninety minutes of constant frisbee has given me a massive muscle in my forearm, but it's rather sore right now. I couldn't throw another frisbee if I tried. So instead, I'm off to bed..... :o)

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Failed at taking a nap... hmmm. Sounds very... difficult.


It's infuriatingly easy.....

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