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Conversation in AGTS, because it amused me... Some guy asked:
I hate asking for something like this but I need it!!!!

My little 'un and I have played TS to death and we really enjoy multiplayer bashes. Unfortunately the little twonk invited one of his even more twonkish friends over during half-term and introduced this said little twerp to TS which they played all afternoon. This kid decided that he liked Ts so much he talked my more than gullible 8 yr old into lending him. Surprisingly after I found out on coming back from work (and went apeshit) when asked aforementioned kid can't find the NOD cd. I spoke to the kid's dad and said I wanted it replaced, which he agreed to (less than willingly) but can I find TS on sale anywhere? No. The Firestorm expansion was on sale in HMV a few months ago but as per when you want something you can't find it.

Tried to buy it online but no joy except Ebay which takes ages cos everythings in the States and they want Paypal and I'm in UK and not geared up for that Paypal stuff. In the meantime, until I get a fresh copy does anyone have or know of a good TS no-cd crack? I hate asking for this kind of stuff cos it is akin to piracy, I work for a software developer, but I can't play NOD or multiplayer for weeks now. Tried one from Grokster tonight but it was pants, just the game exe.
Naturally, in my own little way, I tried to make sense of this with the following helpful reply:
I'm sure you'll be able to find it in a shop if you look hard enough

And, if I might give you some advice on parenting, calling your kid a "twonk", and "more than gullible" when he's only eight years old is hardly the sort of attitude that will promote a socially capable and well-adjusted adult. And going "apeshit" at an eight year old for lending his friend something is hardly appropriate - a far better solution would be to explain to him why this is unacceptable behaviour.

Well, that's my good deed for the day. Back to clubbing seals and plotting the downfall of democracy....
The original poster, feeling confused and disoriented by my words of advice, randomly babbled forth:
Fucking hell mate, I was asking for some temporary help with a game, not a fucking lecture from the new age book of wank parenting. Get a fucking grip, son.
To which the obvious reply was, of course:
A simple "you're welcome" would have been sufficient.
Bah... As somebody else pointed out, it's scary to think that for a while there, I was actually acting as a responsible adult. Like I've said before - David and I are so twenty five..... :o)

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okay, now THAT was funny!

just proves my firm belief that certain people should not contribute to the gene pool.

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