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The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn.....
Thanks to Ste for this link... How ridiculous...
The pair were filming an interview with Sir Alex Ferguson, just before the St James's Palace Stakes, when the Queen noticed that they were not wearing proper attire.

It is believed that she passed on her comments to race course officials who, in turn, informed the BBC.

The corporation has made an unreserved apology to the Queen for the crew's mistake
Okay, it's times like that when I start thinking that burning the Monarchy would be a good idea. I mean honestly, how f'ing anal is that? And the fact that the BBC apologised is just ridiculous - there's such a thing as having too much respect for somebody, and frankly, I'm totally against the idea that everybody has to do what that daft old woman says. I've lost a good deal of respect for the BBC as a result of them crawling up to the monarchy over such a stupid thing... As for their interpretation of the rules at Ascot...
Ascot's strict dress code insists that "gentlemen are encouraged to wear a jacket and tie or a suit" for the paddock area.
At what point do the words "strict" and "insists" equate to the word "encouraged"? The whole thing is just a perfect example of why a lot of people don't like the monarchy - it's ridiculous. As the man says, they're just so up their own arses.....

In happier news, tomorrow is going to rock. England versus Brazil in the World Cup Quarter Finals. It's perhaps going to be the most exciting football match I'll have ever seen, with so much riding on it. If we lose, so be it, it's Brazil and it's perhaps to be expected. But if we win? Well, if we win, then it will be perhaps the greatest football victory in our country's history since 1966, and the street party that Jimbo and I are gonna throw is going to be fantastic :o)

We'll knock on every door in the street during the day, telling people about it, then in the evening, we'll close off the road to traffic, and get everybody out to celebrate. Dunno what we'll do about music yet - I reckon that somebody will have decent equipment - there's a house with decks down the road, and if the worst comes to the worst, my computer has probably got enough power behind it to provide music. I'd have to download a load of football songs. Ah, it'd be so cool :o)

And then later on that day, it's the United States versus Germany - go USA! I really like their national team, and since I practically feel like an American anyway, there's a lot of "national" pride there. The way I see it, countries are an arbitrary divide between people - nationality is just dependent on where you go to the toilet every day. But cultural similarities - that's something that really works. And I have a great cultural affinity for the US, so I support the football team. Should be a fun match :o)

Anyway, I have an exam in just under three hours (which gives me about two hours to revise for it)... I'd best get busy :o)


And now, I have an exam in two hours. And LJ still won't let me update my journal. Damned read-only thing....

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I agree, tomorrow will rock! Im going to work tomorrow at 7:30am to watch footy. :)

>>we'll close off the road to traffic

Lol... would love to see you try that

Like I said, I'm not into football, but didn't we get into the semis in 1990?

Yeah, but this would be beating Brazil, in a tournament where they're the only good team left. If we win this, we've as good as won the cup. In the Semis, we'd face a far easier side, likewise the final....

::Dweezie always enjoys Jamie's political commentary::

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