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As I understand it...
In Big Brother the other day, Jade was having a discussion with people about Mother Theresa. She first thought Mother Theresa was a fictional character, and was partnered up with Sherlock Holmes - who was real, and also invented the toilet. She explained that that's why everybody talks about them both so much. When told that Mother Theresa was actually a little more closely linked with Jesus, she was asked if she knew who Jesus was - she answered in the affirmative - Jesus Christ created Adam and Eve. We should Ignore for the time being the obvious religious point that in many respects, Jesus was God - this won't have occurred to Jade. Furthermore, Jesus was God, but God was not necessarily Jesus, and certainly not in Genesis. I wonder how the poor girl will react when she gets out of the house and realises that there have been TV shows (okay, only Richard and Judy, nothing that anybody actually watches) that have discussed (in depth) how stupid she is......

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Well I reckon if they need to discuss how stupid she is they must be equally thick!

Its quite obviously a bad case of "... as pig shit".

I don't watch the crap that is BB but I did receive an email with an mp3 attachement of a discussion about Cambridge and East Anglia! Surely she is a plant in the house - no-one could possibly be that thick!

Graham norton thinks she's thick as well.
which is apparently she really likes him

He thinks she looks like a piggy :o)

she does look like a pig!
yeah and i agree, imagine when she comes out..i feel so sorry for her

Yeah, but mostly, I can only feel sympathy for people I can relate to. And Jade is just that stupid that I can't imagine myself in her position....

I haven't watched a single episode yet, but I actually manage to keep quite well abreast of the whole thing via your and mel's LJs, hehe:)

Still haven't ruled out the possibility that it's a post-modern stunt and jade is actually Marilyn Vos Savant in disguise, but y'know, it's not all that likely :)

Is she really all that stupid? No one could be that dense. Perhaps she is just making it up.

Dunno, never saw the show, it doesn't run here.

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