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I can use my main method to create new items, and insert them into rooms. They then fill up an array with 5 entries, which can hold the objects. I have methods which sift through these entries, looking for the items. Checks to see if the items exist in the room, and methods to pick those up and remove them from the room. I also have a player object, which so far can hold up to 3 items in an array, but that's about it. The main method creates a three dimensional array of room objects, and passes into each's constructor method its coordinates. The constructor method for each room object then forms a description based on its coordinates - it tells whether it's at the west, east, north, south, or middle. It's all rather nifty, I have to say... And it should earn me marks - I love having a small, simple world, which is still better than most people. They'll have, like 12 rooms, all interconnected and junk, and think it's great. I'll have 27, self-description-generating, which totally rule. Woo!


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