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Why would they do this?
I went to the bank yesterday to arrange me "acquiring" even more of their funds. Turns out, they've turned me down - apparently, because term doesn't end for another two weeks, I can't have any money, but I can have it after that. I'm so glad that my ability to borrow money depends on an arbitrary date and not on my need for it. The form even explained that I needed said money for rent. They will pay. Oh, how they will pay....

So I went down there, armed with several metric tonnes of cow excrement - if they wanted to act like they were full of shit, it was only fair that they became just that. After filling the building with dookie, I went outside and got a mini statement, and now it's time to see exactly how much money I'm going to need by the end of term...

But one thing is for certain - some day, I'm gonna get my maths degree, and I'm gonna work at Bastardleys Bank, and I'm going to pull the entire system apart from the inside using the sort of gross financial mismanagement that led me to need their money in the first place. I hope the irony isn't lost on them....

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I'm sorry, for that you'll need to be on the board of directors, and having a swimming certificate makes you overqualified.

Yeah, it's all over the place these days. By the way, that last sentence belongs in a book.

I need a loan for the summer, so they offer me a Parent Plus loan. Well, my mom has terrible credit, but they won't let me take the loan in just my name unless my mom has declared banctruptcy. I thought the idea was to discourage people from filing bancruptcy...? Oh well, anyway, I'll go to Bastardleys Bank next time I need a loan. lol

Nice to see you have a well organised plan of revenge already. It's important to plan in advance. Obviously when you can get a loan is based on a date rather than on when you need it. If it was based on when you need it it would actually be useful which would defeat the whole point of banks

Hehehehe thats got to be one of your funniest posts ever! Especially the last paragraph!

Only one thing though dookie - I mean c'mon James, you're English/British aren't you? Can't we leave such US teen expressions in the US!? :0)

It's an Invader Zim reference, which makes it (sort of) okay :o)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - quoting cartoons is of course totally acceptable and leap frogs the whole transatlantic colloquialism problem instantly!

Glad you cleared that up!

*thinks must try and watch Invader Zim sometime this life*

Drik and DMZ really like it, and since you're on broadband, it's fairly easy to get episodes...

j00 h4c3 s0m3 f0r m3h??

Drik has them on his FTP, I think - best talk to him...

Hokay - I will do!


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