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How dare you?
I had many exciting and varied remarks to make, on a range of subjects, which would have been insightful and thought provoking. However, it occurred to me that none of you is worthy of them, and that deep down, my secret loathing for you all precludes the possibility of me enlightening you any time soon.

I'm going to go to bed now, and while I'm gone, I want you to all think carefully about what you've done, and try to make amends with a financial contribution to my Mental Health Fund. Remember - the more consumer goods I impulse-buy, the happier I am.

Please be aware, when you're all burning in the fiery lake of Hell for the emotional and mental torment you put me through on a regular basis, I'll be laughing at you.

Goodnight, and God Damn.

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Oddly enough, that made me burst into laughter. I just felt like sharing... and err... I'll remember to think of you while I burn in the firey pits of hell.

Heh, glad it had the desired effect :o)

mmmm, hell, i can't wait

i wanted to be enlightened tonight. well then, is tomorrow good for you?

I'm not going to hell.
Even though i want to take over the planet and be a superhero.

The worst you can get for emotional and mental torment is purgetory. hehehe

Heh, yeah, David's interests list :o)

dammit, I was going to reply with that (that it was David's) :P

I didn't think it was yours.

I wouldn't have had Gubbins, Nikita, C++ or Euroskepticism on mine :o)

Oh yeah and that too.

You both are famous. ;)

Devasted does not do justice to my feelings of regret that you are being put through such torment. At least hell is warmer than earth

The fiery lake of hell? Mwahahah-- i laugh at you. I reside forever and eternity within the darkest depths of your mind, the chilling soul to haunt your dreams.... When all is gone i still remain the darkness within dark...

The Soul Catcher... The fallen one...


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