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Mmm, I went shopping, with the intention of buying a load of stuff, but in the end, I couldn't be bothered... I've been up for so long, I woke at 7am, and I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy. But can't sleep now - Neighbours is on soon :o)
But Adele had more pressing things on her mind, namely her apparent weight gain since her arrival in the house.

Pulling at her trousers, the body builder announced, "these are a size 10 and were dead baggy before I came in here. They fit me now."
She complains about being a size ten? Jesus Christ.... Half the people I know would kill to be a size ten...

I managed to record Summer Wind was Always Our Song earlier, it's a bit shite, but that's partly because I did it in one take. So it's effectively like a live track - no constant re-recording of parts I don't like, I just have to put up with it. Hence why the singing is dubious, and the lead just makes half of it up as it goes along :o)

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Jeez, I feel great now. I can't wear higher than a 7/8. :oD

you american? 7/8 over there is size ten here.

Eh. That figures.

I know girls that wear zeros and ones in American sizes. What are those called there? Here we just call 'em anorexic bitches. LOL

thats just called wrong here.

that's partly because I did it in one take. So it's effectively like a live track ...

Heh - I'm impressed you must have ten pairs of hands to play all that in one take - effectively!! ;0)

By the way - I've not heard the original so I can't compare but was your guitar in tune?

I said effectively, not literally. In that it gave the effect of a live performance - I was reacting to my own playing, and only got one shot at it. Nice try though ;o)

When I listen to it, I'm convinced that there's a discrepancy between my two E strings, but comparing each string to the next, it sounds about right... Perhaps the occasional bum note (especially at the end) just makes it sound worse than it was....

Ahhhhhhh - tuning by ear is reliant upon the sensitivity of your hearing. If not so acute it is so easy to thriw the tuning out when tuning across the strings!

Oh and I was being stupid (as in funny stupid thank you) - thats why I added the effectively.

Seriously though I don't know the chords but it does sound a lil out of tune in places! The Tibetan gongs add their usual amount of humour too! ;0)

Yeah, I can normally tell if the whole thing is out (which it sounds like), but I can't hear any problems between two strings right now... :o\

The Tibetan gongs add their usual amount of humour too! ;0)

Yeah, fucking Cool Edit....

It's so rare for someone who seems slim (aha, judging from your headshots) to be aware of how others feel about their "larger" sizes. Good luck with your bank-destruction plan...Any good at botany? Just in case there really is a money tree...

Hey, I used to be fat... When I was 12 months old, I was a chubby little kid... Naturally, I still recall the emotional crises I went through at that stage - the other babies used to talk about me behind my back for being so enormous.....

Anyhow, it's mostly because in the past I've complained about putting on weight, and have narrowly avoided getting killed for doing so. I learned my lesson :o)

A size 10. God the world is ending. It must feel terrible to be a size 10. Far too skinny. Shouldn't be naturally possible. 12 is totally the smallest size it should be physically possible to be. Not that i'm a 12 either but it's closer

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