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Expanding on a point David made the other day, I've been thinking and I've realised that most of my friends seem to be older than me... It's not something I'd given any thought to, but it occurs that most of the people I know at Uni are at least my age or (usually) older (with the exception of Shanu)... Adam is a year older than me, since he's repeating his second year, and Tom is like 23, and owns a house, has a mortgage... That'll be me in a few years time ;o)

Went down to the beach earlier - you can tell it was rough last night, there's a really steep shelf in the pebbles, where the sea has dumped a load on the beach, and then ripped others away... I almost fell down it, but I was skillful, and merely slid gracefully down the slippery rocks. I'd have looked a right tit any other way...

Japan lost to Turkey, which was a shame - I really wanted them to win. Hopefully, South Korea will go out this afternoon too, since it would be a shame if one host nation got through and one didn't...

I'm taking today off - no exams until Thursday, and I've not had a day off in weeks. I doubt I'll even be able to manage that, mind - the temptation to do a bit of revision is actually quite strong. Lately, I've been sleeping reasonable times, and doing work - what the Hell is wrong with me? Mind you, the only reason I woke up today was because we had a massive thunder storm right over the city, which was kinda distracting me from sleeping...

Right now, I'm going to make another attempt at recording Summer Wind Was Always Our Song - it's the one song I can play all three guitar parts in perfectly, yet I can never get it quite right in recording. So here goes...

And one last thing - happy three month anniversary Mel! I love you so much :o)

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Current music: 04 Avril Lavigne - I'm With You


her messageboard got invaded last week by the afi messageboard. ::nods::

Poor lass - I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Hmm, wonder if my Idiot Army would be up for that.... ;o)

there was the whole Arvin/Avril thing...
but you wouldn't know about that

tis my 8 month anniversary with frances today as well. not that you wanted to know that, but its something to say i suppose..

and to yourself my good sir

I just thought I'd say, "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne is one of my favorite songs on her CD.
Just thought I'd share.

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