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Excellent.... Just heard back from my boss - I'll be working this summer, from July 8th onwards. Might take a break in the middle (spend some time with Mel, if she wants), and I may finish before the end of the summer, but you know, at least it's work, and it's money in my pocket :o)

Time to get Claire to help me with some last minute revision :o)

Update: And now I'm off

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Nice user pic. lol

I've resigned to make emoticons like yours from now on. I hate to cramp your style, but they are just so much fucking cuter than the ones I usally make.

:0) <---- Look at that! Jeez, how much cuter can a combination of three typed characters be?

Re: ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

I totally agree :o)

that picture methinks makes yer guitar look nice. what is it again?

Just a Yamaha Pacifica... But I really love the shape of it, it's like a Strat, only a bit better (if only the quality was superior too....)

i heard that pacificas are 'surprisingly good' actually.
tis the colour that looks nice.

i find it funni that i'm currently a sort of sub-standard dan in so many ways...

we both play guitar, he's much better than me.
we both have 2 ibanez's, his are much better.
dan has a line6 flexitone amp, i have an old digitech effects board!

ah well, at least i can play other instruments as well.

It's good for the price, certainly... It's not much more costly than a Squier, but the sound quality is a lot better. But at the end of the day, it's still a cheap guitar...

It was a choice between that common grey/blue, and the silver, and so I decided to get the silver one because it was less common :o)

As for Dan - at least you know minor scales ;o)

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