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Shit, I need to die now.

I managed to accidentally write "your" instead of "you're" earlier, for the first time in ages. It's inexcusable :o(

So here's my excuse.... ;o)

"Your" and "You're" are pronounced differently in my head. One is "yor", the other is closer to "yer". I therefore don't make the usual mistake of using the wrong homonym, because in my head, they're not homonyms. However, when I made the error just now, I was quoting something, in which they were homonyms, and my brain was elsewhere.

So I wrote the wrong one :o(

I think I'm going to literary Hell when I die, with all the Mills & Boon books :o(

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I wouldn't worry Jaems - comparatively speaking you do pretty well especially for your *ahem* generation*ahem* (oooh now I do sound old) - don't beat yourself up over it!

Hmmm is that yorself or yerself! *shrugs*

Interesting turn of phrase at the end there, Woz.

Ok - erm don't! :0P

Heeeeeyyyyy, is our generation THAT bad?!? (Don't answer that, I know they are... it annoys me too, kinda sad really...)

Lol! Ok - question answered (or not) as requested (or not)! :0)

comparatively speaking you do pretty well especially for your *ahem* generation *ahem*

Yes, but every time I make an error, I become more and more like "my generation" :o)

But we know you know and you know you know! Heh!

So just consider it a slip due to exam pressure and happily continue safe in the knowledge that it doesn't happen that often and when it does there is always a reasonable excuse for you to scorn your peers for - ermm - not knowing!

Did I just write that - man I messed up today!

I don't know... slip ups.. if they happen too often... you might end up making a habit of it... I slipped up on the word "paid" twice already and spelled it "payed"... I fear for my life...

Oh dear - for some I fear it may already be too late! ;0)

you're definately going to be stricken down by karma for that one.

Recommend going to Defcon 2 and staying alert.

I *love* the Neverending Story.

you must LOVE the punctuation-hell i call home in my posts. and the strange thing is, i know better. sometimes i get in a big hurry and just dont put the little marks in.

i know, i'm going to hell too!


Mills and Boon drop way below literary hell ;o)

i love that in texas you can graduate high school...

...with relatively no intelligence at all. seriously. and it bothers me that you can recieve a piece of paper stating that you've surpassed the education expectations of the people running the state.

the spelling atrocities i deal with make me want to put the person out of their misery... but then i realize hopefully i look better on paper when i'm applying for their job.


i did that a while ago.
cried for weeks.

dont dis mills and boon, motherfucka

Aww, I've missed you.....

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