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Two and a half hours before I have to leave for my next exam.... I'm still revising for it, although I'm rather resigned to the fact that I'm not going to do too well... The problem with Probability as it gets more and more complicated is that it tends towards Statistics, and I still see a crucial distinction - Probability is fun, Stats sucks. Which is a problem when they become one and the same.

Still, I know what Probability Generating Functions are, Moment Generating Functions, and vaguely how to use them... If I fail any modules and have to resit them, I'd rather it was things like Probability and Groups where I can do well on the resits. If I screw up Diff Eqns or Complex, then the resits are going to be evil (in the event that I have to take them)... Anyhow, that's all a long way off - we'll see how today's exam goes first. On the 2000 paper, I can easily get 10 marks on the first question, 15 on the third, and a few marks here and there. That should be enough....

I still remember the days when I used to enjoy doing maths......

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I remember those days for me, though, I still like certain maths... I seem to like Calc, and I LOVE proofs... the answer's there, you just have to find out how the answer was derived from the original problem, heh...


i stumbled across this and wow, :)

harry and ron..i need my fix..REALLY BADLY

u enjoy maths?!


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