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Revision bites... Stats and Probability is evil....

But I can do it, which is a plus :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Specifically where on my head?

"Now my life is a hideous montage of SHAME!"

(Deleted comment)
... shame and humiliation!!

You mean my basketball hoop? :o)

i was never any good at probability at a-level. all the drawing balls out of bags things got me. but when i got to degree level and it became basically calculus, i really got into it :p

Bah.... See, I'm the opposite - I love the original stuff. Calculus can suck my tangent...

hehe.. but i have stopped doing calculus really. next year is almost total pure maths for me. and i get to do good old number theory..

yea, yea, i meant to say 'probability' instead of calculus..

i like this picture marry me or can i stalk you be mine forever a/s/l what's your aim username

You are emo. 'nuff said ;o)

so is that a yes i mean come on i'm 14 i can get married now

What's "emo" anyway? I've been wondering cause I see that a lot now, or... something...

dude, you appear to have some sort of weird growth on your head...

Fine, basketball hoop removed :oP

You look youthful and elfen in that userpic. I like. *drools*


I shall do my best to take that as a compliment :o)

Hrm, new pic... too bad I missed the one with the extra thing sticking out of it, or the basketball hoop or whatever...

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