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Big Nothing
OK, that was annoying. I tried to go to my first AI lecture in weeks (perhaps months, I lose track), having merely gone through the text books instead of attending lectures. However, I got there, and there was nobody there! Evidently I missed the lecture where she told us that it wasn't happening, or indeed where it was happening. Damn...

Oh well, anyhow, so today, I've done little... I'm about to resume coding, which should last for the remainder of the day. Three dimensional arrays for room structures, perhaps some inventory objects which can store and handle requests for items, player objects which can represent both bad guys and good guys, that sort of thing. Damned fun. I ought to manage it by early evening, and if not, I have the whole night, plus tomorrow until 4pm, along with an exercise class if I get really stuck. This time, it should be OK. Plus, I did something really good recently, and life has been good - karmically, this is the best time to do this :o)

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You are alive!!!!Wild joy, not as much as i will c u and everyone else soon!!!look after your liver, Becca %-)

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