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Where the clouds are made of candy floss
I miss "Me Without You"... It's stupid, I know, to miss a movie... But I kinda do... Just listening to the soundtrack now, and it's just... I dunno...

I talk crap more often than not. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that in many ways, that movie really touched me. Let us, for a second, forget that it's a completely girlie movie designed to appeal to late twenties women... "I took the sweet life and never knew I'd be bitter from the sweet"....

Blah, I'm making no sense right now. I'm just having an emotional thingie... I blame the hormones :o)

Watched the Seagull chick that lives in the nest out back get fed earlier... It was so sweet... It was hopping around, all grey/black and fuzzy, with these disproportionately long legs, and a fuzzy round little head, chirping. Nature can be so pretty :o)

I'm gonna go see 40 Days and 40 Nights at 3:50pm, I think (provided I get enough revision done in the meantime) - it's almost a year since I saw it last, and I can barely remember any of it, so it'll be worth another look :o)

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Those hormones - they'll get you anyway they can :-) Me Without You is a great movie, though; deeply underrated. I've added you to my friends' list, I hope that's okay. You seem to have some interesting viewpoints.


You've seen it? Good grief - you must be the first person I know of who has seen that movie - I'm very impressed :o)

Okay, looks like I have to add "Me Without You" too my list of movies to eventually check out. I haven't seen it either.

You really were in a moody mood here. I guess everyone gets "emotional thingies" sometimes, though. :)

I thought 40 Days and 40 Nights kinda' sucked ass. But, that's just me.

I dunno when it's getting released over there.... It was released here in about 10 cinemas for a limited time, then they waited 8 months, now they're releasing it in the US, and then perhaps re-releasing it over here..... Independent film companies do confusing things... :o)

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