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Why am I awake?

Rhetorical question - I know why. Having exams every day has conditioned my body to wake up when it gets light. Well sod that, I don't want to be awake yet..... Except that there's football on - Sweden Senegal, and it's probably going to extra time. So I'll watch that :o)

The damned seagull out back is making lots of noise. It has a nest on top of the chimney stack on the house behind ours, and there's a baby seagull in it. Sometimes it walks around the chimney, and it's all grey, and fluffy, and small - it's so cute :o)

BTW, can we say rough?

Jade has the nerve to say that Kate is really ugly - ha! It's not that she looks especially bad, it's that when she screws her face up like that she just repulses me, that's all :o)

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Speaking of BB, I really hope PJ leaves this week and Spencer next. They're being total pricks, then Spencer has the nerve to take the piss out of Alex for being feminine, what the fuck? Spencer is the one who was almost crying 'cause Alex didn't pick him...

Well he does hate it on that side - as would you. And Alex was being a cunt with that, because he and Spencer had seemed to be getting on. And the reason Alex chose that way? Because girls are cleaner when they go to the toilet. I mean honestly.......

P.S. Please remove that picture, it actually makes me feel sick.

Don't look at the picture then. :)

If a face like that can't turn you to men, Jamie, I might as well give up now, eh?

oh. my. god.

shes a fucking moose anyway, that one's just evil

oooh, and, hehe, the river here has lots of baby geese right now. they're tiny and yellow and pretty cute too ;)

shame they make the adult geese even more territorial and evil, really ;P

actually I disagree, she is just hidious :oP

Wow, that pic is really.... bad.... eh, not just bad, quite... disgusting...

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