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She falls apart, by herself, no-one's there to talk or understand
I'm on the edge of a mood swing. It's ridiculous, I can feel when I'm about to go one way or another.... So right now, I think I'll just go to bed - it's easier than suffering through my head doing weird shit to me....

By the way - Superstar Carwash is currently my favourite GGD album - right now, I have a GGD-only playlist on :o)

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Now go play "So Far Away" lots...

It's my favourite Goo Goo Dolls song ever, so I already have been - I just love the vocals on it so much

In that case.... quick question..

In the bridge/coda/interlude bit (whatever its called) towards the end...

Johnny goes : "Am I wrong, I don't know.. should I stay here"..

What is being shouted in the background... I've never quite figured it out..


The REALLY quiet shouting in the background? No idea :o)

Damn, I'll have to go searching on their site for lyrics. GRR.

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