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Don't you see that the charade is over?
So yeah, the exam went well. Basically, the stuff Claire taught me was perfect for the few questions I did, so that's okay. I got half marks on two questions (which'll give me 20%), and then turned the page to see the last question, which was beautiful... It read:
Assume that
f: C -> C,   f(z) = u(x,y) + iv(x,y),   (z = x + iy)   is an analytic function. Given that:
ux = vy
uy = - vx

a) Find u(x,y) and f(z) if v(x,y) = xy [8]

b) Show that f(z) is constant if v(x,y) is constant [6]

c) Derive that the second partial derivative with respect to x (twice) of the real part of the function F, plus the second partial derivative with respect to y (twice) of the real part of the function F, is equal to zero. You may use the fact that Re f and Im f have continuous second partial derivatives. [6]
Probably looks like nonsense to anybody except for Ste, but it basically gives me the easiest twenty marks in any exam I've taken so far. I utterly nailed it, because it's just a case of simple algebra. The other two questions were about calculating the derivatives of complex functions, after working out where they satisfy the conditions for complex differentiability, and integrating over contours in the complex plane. Simple....? ;o)

Anyhow, the important thing is that even though I did kinda crap, I actually think I passed it, which is quite something, considering :o)

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hurray! glad you've done well.

oh my god, i love that question. and they gave you the cauchy-riemann? lucky bastard... not that its hard to remember tho..

Actually, they didn't give us the Cauchy-Riemann equations - I'm guessing that they were the extra two marks of Part A... However, I stated them in the above question just so that anybody with a knowledge of maths who doesn't know the result of the Cauchy-Riemann equations can work it out - the way I phrased it, anybody who can do partial derivatives (which is a-level difficulty at most, even if it's not taught then) can do the question.

Anyhow, it's good that they didn't state the equations themselves - I can always remember them, so I picked up a mark or two on that question, and on every other question where it asked you to use them - they always give cheap marks for being able to remember the equations :o)

remebering equation marks are definatly a mans best friend. 4 of the 10 marks im getting on the physics disaster were due to that..

Heh :o)

See my latest post for how I did the problems - I got bored, so I wrote it all out :o)

I should be shot for my lack of math skills, and none of this makes a mite of sense to me, but I hope you did well and passed the exam. :)

well its certainly not rocket science.

oh wait. it proberly is

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