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If I sold you my heart, would you notice, would you care
In 12 hours, it'll all be over, one way or another.

Claire has helped me so much tonight, without her I'd be on my way to certain failure. As things stand now, I have approximately enough knowledge to pass, assuming that they give me questions I feel I can answer.

In happy news, today was my last ever AI exam (assuming no resits), which means I'm now free of it all. The only AI thing I have to do is my final year project, which will be fun. I'm tending more and more towards a simulation of a social setting, with genetically inherited characteristics in a two-dimensional world with various selective pressures that in some areas will encourage teamwork, in others reward individualism, and various other attributes in other areas. Thinking about that gets me motivated :o)

Then I remember that I have an impossibly hard exam tomorrow that I know very little about. Still, best not to dwell, I don't want my mind taking me to places I won't like. So instead, 'tis off to dream land, a place I love very much. And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

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You don't know me, but good luck on your exam tomorrow. :)


And thanks for being there before for me to moan at - it's much appreciated :o)

good night, james.
kick ass tomorrow.

Will do :o)

(or try)

hope ya fail em all

It's cute how you keep coming back to my journal - you must love me :o)

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