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You can never get enough, enough of this stuff, it's Friday I'm in love
The USA had better beat Poland today, and go top of the group... It's important to me that this happens :o)

Anyway, didn't get back to sleep, but I feel okay anyway, so that's all fine... Stupid head... I fully blame the University for this - exams every day for a week is really not a good thing... So much pressure, argh :o)

Prolog exam today should be "okay"... I think I can handle it. Maths exam tomorrow? Well, not okay. Looking at the past paper, it looks very much like I'm about to fail this one with 0%... Still, I have all of this afternoon to revise this stuff with Claire, and to pass, I just have to be able to answer two, perhaps three questions on the whole paper (which has seven questions on it)... If I learn the first couple of questions that are likely to arise, and do a bit of learning on a couple more just so I can get a few marks, then I should be fine...

Anyhow, time to get ready for today's hell.... No wonder I'm getting suicidal, the pressure never fricking stops. Still, after today, I'm halfway through, and after tomorrow, there's no more exams on consecutive days. Just have to cling on to that...

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yep.. good luck :)
*changes mind about going to uni* :-/

It's not that bad really..... Mostly.....

except when you go in ;)

Well I have a solution to that

its a good solution, too

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