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And, wholly unprepared for my exam tomorrow, I'm off to bed.... If I do much more revision my brain is going to rebel further, and just plunge me into more depression. And right now, I'm reasonably happy (despite losing to Jimbo in a game of keep-up now, and thus having him crowned Ultimate Champion Of Everything Ever). So time to go to bed, on a high point this time :o)

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Surfing LJs found urs KOOL!!! Ur eyebrow piercing is SWEET!! I'm getting mine done this summer!
I'm gonna add u 2 my friends list, k
Oh btw ur what I would call FUCKING HOT!!

Hrm... I thought they stopped coming around õ_Ô...

Keep-up ?? keep up now?? i dont get it......


Nah, can't be bothered now ;o)

well you can after you take your exam....:D

I would, but it's more fun being a bastard ;o)

I'm guessing James you are referring to football style keep up?!


But of course.

I only managed two, max...

But then, we were playing with a tennis ball, with bare feet, which made it really rather difficult to control the direction it went in (especially with my bony lump feet ;o)

Ahhh it would seem your l33t footy skills are equally l33t as mine! ;0)

If it was a real football, I reckon I coulda got at least four ;o)

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